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Oct 23 2010 - Ascension Program Plan

Yesterday it occurred to me that this ascension/shift being a huge effort and so many teams coming to tune us up regularly must mean tremendous planning at the higher level. I was thinking of us as these hardware/software/intellectual/spritual units, each with their own upgrade and interface plans. I have a background in telecommunications and this made me think of the extensive bug fixes. In a large platform program you only fix the fatal and critical bugs before the release, others you leave to be fixed later.

There was a funny moment when I thought of this imaginary conversation between our Pleiadian friends.

- She has not been channeling for a week now. Did you open the crown chakra after the last tuneup?

- Oops, I forgot. I go and fix it when she falls asleep.

I am pretty sure they want to have a word at this time.


It is intricate planning and each layer of you has to match the adjoining layers. We work on the "mechanical platform", making sure your vessels are able to do what they are planned to do, from the cellular level to higher senses related to your chakras. Your vessel is the base on which the rest is built.

Sirians take care of the power structure, making sure the circuitry can tolerate the level of light. Elohim are the human system architects, integrating it all together. Your spiritual balance is in the hands of Angels. It is a joint effort.

Maybe you have already noticed the cycles: we come for three days to work on your body, then you adjust for a few days. Then Ajax comes with his team to work with you, then you adjust again. Elohim comes and stays with you and leaves you in the company of Angels. Then, when you are balanced at all levels and your system is stabilized, we start again.

And today, it is our turn to calibrate you a notch up. As usual, it is a three day period.

At this point you are very close to the target and are monitored by many other Galactic species that want to see the new human. It is not an everyday happening to have a new member in the Galactic Union.


I started seeing the blue flashes yesterday anticipating the Pleiadians arriving. And this platform thinking is very interesting and certainly to be followed in the future channelings. I have also been visited by Galactic envoys for a few times now, with no communication so far; it has been just getting used to seeing them around and getting accustomed to their extraordinary appearances - many of them are not human based.

But let's not forget about music. This morning I woke up hearing The Beatles singing in my head Can't Buy Me Love. And now for the radio message: The Beatles, Help!

This makes me smile...


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