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Oct 22 2010 - Happy days!

We are the Elohim of Earth. We seldom make ourselves known to you because you are already us. You know all there is to know by seeing yourselves. It is so.

There are times when we make ourselves known and these are the times for change. We are with you.

Estimations of the Shift vary. Our estimate is 2012 as Mayans have predicted but there are shifts within the great Shift. All humans experience the shift individually, even if they take part in the collective shift. Some have already shifted. Some will shift after 2012.

The Shift is a natural part of cosmic evolution. It is like a season changing in nature. When one season is experienced, the next will follow. Shift means a new season, a new experience.

Lightworkers all around the world and other dimensions have done a tremendous work to make the Shift possible. There were times when it seemed that some other plan would replace the Shift but now the alternate plans are closed.

Individually each of you has been through a process of "replacement". Everything in your body is new. Soon also your perception will be new. New neural structures are being built while you read this message. It is happening now.

Many of you carrying the Pleiadian signature have been through the toughest path to clear the way for others. You may have thought that it was your personal path, for your soul's experience, when at a higher level it was a micro-collective experience to make way for the macro-collective experience, the mass shift. What you have done, individually but collectively, is the dress rehearsal for the premiere. And it went well. You all did well.

Like we have been telling our channel for some time now, it is time to lighten up, enjoy, breathe, do something nice for yourselves. You already went through the hard part, you did it for all humankind. Allow yourselves to feel happy once again, not to worry about what is to come, all is clear.

You will continue to experience tuning and increments of Light, as part of the shared process, but that you are already used to. Free yourselves from the memories of what you went through. Being positive is the best medicine for you now. Smile. You did well.


Hmmm. I had personally thought, or rather hoped, that the shift would take place already next year. It was Elohim who also decided the title of this message. But now the time for music, what does the universe want to tell us today? And the radio passes the message: Jamie Walters, Hold On, followed by Cindy Lauper's Time After Time. I feel that they are both meaningful...


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