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Oct 21 2010 - New You

Redefining the new you seems not only to be a blissful dance on the bed of roses; you become painfully aware of the thorns as well. The values you have chosen will be tested in the most intricate and powerful ways, and this time it's different: it is you who chooses, consciously, aware. Is this how it's supposed to happen, Elohim?


The answer is wisdom. In your former life you chose based on expectations or past experiences. Now you choose based on your personal values and the wisdom that you have created. It is not only about you any more, as you are able to choose outside the effect and push of ego. Now you are able to choose according to what is the wisest alternative all known aspects considered. Now you are creating.

These have been the first days of you becoming aware of your true choices and you will practice more, it will become easier. When you are adapted it will be creating in the flow, naturally, because you do not need to stop to see all the alternatives, you are aware of them as part of yourself, they become part of your awareness. You will see each choice as a path and you can freely choose which path you want to experience.

Trust. There are no mistakes and nothing happens by coincidence. You are safe. You are the Creators of the New Earth.

And on a more personal note, do lighten up a bit.


Lighten up... hmmm. I just feel like this is serious work and I want to pay attention not to lose the sight (with the slightest of wish to completely hide myself from the world, old Lightworker habits die hard). Once again, I resort to music. As it has been something that we have been sharing during the last days, I woke up hearing Billy Idol's Sweet Sixteen in my head. While I was channeling, I was hearing "I never promised you a rose garden...", again, in my head. Now I'm going to turn on the radio to see what the universe wants to tell me/us right now, in this message: Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run. Whoa!


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