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Oct 20 2010 - Relax and Trust


The last two days were basically stepping into an emotional powerblender, to catch routine responses and see if they could be replaced with new responses, or to evaluate if any response was indeed required. All of my extended family took part in it as well as many other people and even the universe decided to bring me such a huge news item that I almost fainted there and then.

It was not supposed to be a test but it sure felt like one. Any comments, Elohim?


It was intense, it needed to be, so that your responses are authentic. Had it been slacker, it would have showed you less of yourself. It was also a good experience in learning to stay centered in neutrality, within your personal power. This is what is needed: to stay within your personal power, in your personal balance, no matter what happens "outside you". If you lose that balance for an outer reason, you learn to regain it in an instant. This requires practice and keeping a part of awareness at all times at the level of your higher self.

In yesterday's meditation you saw a new higher chakra lighting up. This is the living connection to your higher self. The connection is now available to you at will. Practice using it. It is the "I AM NOW" presence that you integrated yesterday. Many Lightworkers are experiencing these same things now. You need to be able to control yourselves, replace old reactions with neutral or new ones, higher ones. Then you are ready to learn more about Light and how to use it in creation.

(I feel Elohim "smiling", this nice energy radiating, any particular reason?)

You take it so seriously. Lighten up! These are miraculous times! Nothing is incidental. Every step is planned. Relax and trust!


Okay. Right now one of my current favourite songs starts playing on the radio, Lady Antebellum's Need You Now. I follow the advice: relax and trust!




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