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Oct 19 2010 - Breaking free

Only two nights and one day of this experience by and I feel exhausted. Last night I listened to music quite long to get into balance, to wake up to the sound of drilling from the upstairs neighbour - he has lately developed this habit before going to work. In a house made of concrete everybody wakes up with him...

What have I learned so far? I have been introduced to my deep rooted reactions to what is brought in front of me so that I can choose again. It feels like re-programming yourself - to create a new response that is not based on past experiences but on the moment of now. Elohim, please explain!


We try. The Light is able to change what you experience but you need to be conscious of it in the moment of now. You have moved from ego-based experience to another level but not yet fully integrated. You are more in the flow than before but not immersed in the moment of now.

We are bringing in front of you situations where you have become a traveler of routines. It is your job to break the routines, to see the structures that hold you a prisoner. Some of these structures were created over life times and they are so deep rooted that they are a challenge for you to see.

For you and all the Lightworkers to create freely, you need to become aware of yourselves in the moment of now, without routines or dated reactions. Then you are, at each moment of now, able to freely create. You will have true choices, true power.

You are in the process of becoming free. When you are aware and free in choices, Light will magnify your will and purpose. You will be amazed.


Okay, this sounds important so I play along as best I can. Just out of curiosity, I'm going to turn on the radio now to see if there is a message for today...

Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhdFe3evXpk&ob=av2n


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