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Oct 13 2010 - Grace

These past four days have been so full of energy that even sleeping became a luxury; the 10:10:10 gate was indeed powerful, preceded by the energies of John Lennon's birthday on Saturday. Beautiful things happened, you just needed to open your eyes and Heart.

Today I went to the terrace to enjoy a cup of coffee and heard the ringing sound of the bohemian waxwing - my old acquaintance who, during these amazing days, came back to my life to deliver a sign.

I felt that channeling a message from our dear Angels would be today appropriate.


Beloveds. You... We hear you.

We love you... we are love... you are becoming love...

We also have our part to do in the human ascension, we help you pass your barriers of feelings. Sometimes what you have experienced in this life time or another creates a blockage within you, it ties you to polarity, we help you to untie these blockages and move on.

This life time is about moving on. During this life time you are to leave all your past experiences behind, to start anew, as more experienced, wiser, with new powers and awareness to create what is good for all... all of you. The old way of creating only for oneself will cease when you become aware that you are all One. All One...

Polarity will cease to exist at your plane of experience. Some of you will move beyond duality, becoming a conscious One. It will be very different, yet very comfortable and familiar, loving to live, living to love.

We are with you, ask for a sign and we'll deliver it to you.

In eternal love...


Today I have felt the presence of angels stronger than in weeks. They make you feel so good, their presence makes you aware of the beauty of everything. Soft, appreciative energy, gentle love...

Right now I want the thank them for their grace by listening to Robbie Williams's Angels, one of my "signal songs" throughout these years, and just Love our Angels. Maybe you will join me?



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