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Oct 8 2010 - A new galactic flower

I was talking with Ajax about what's going on with us and turned on the radio to hear David Bowie singing Starman...

The concept of ufos has been intriguing me always, yet I've never spotted one at the sky. It's funny, to commune with these guys on a daily basis, but never seeing one single ufo. Let's see what Ajax has to say about this subject.


Eh, yes...

I would rather talk about the ascension work at hand because the next energy download is only two days away and maybe that bears more importance than ufo sightings, okay?

(Ok. =))

For many of you new communication channels open up. As your new chakras in your auric fields activate, you are able to commune at new levels, like using broadband that is always on instead of a slow dial-up line that you need to connect manually. Dimensionally you will be able to reach whichever level you wish.

Most of you have limiters, for your own protection. These limiters will be adjusted weaker as you become more comfortable with the new world, with the new you, with the new everything. Some people have very strict limiters to allow them to experience as humans, without interference. The people consciously on the ascension path, the ones making the shift, also have limiters but theirs are adjusted to fit their personal energy signature. If a person carries an energy signature of angel domain, it is angels that this person can commune with easiest.

There are many galactic teams helping you right now. We work in teams, visiting you regularly, making adjustments, seeing the effects, monitoring your change. You have always been safe but now you are safer than you have ever been before - imagine each of you as a new species of exquisite flower budding, and the whole universe is waiting for the moment to see your splendor when you open yourself to bloom and shine your new light. You are precious beyond your imagination.


This message lifted my spirit up. The answer to the ufo thing was (there was a break when I was asking more about this) that I am still not ready to see ufos even if I think so. And I know they're right...

The radio is now playing The Beatles's Hey Jude - I think that I'll spend today practicing staying in the flow and following the signs... and immediately my focus is drawn to roses...


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