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Oct 7 2010 - A breather

Many of us have been experiencing a few days of "vacation" from active energy work. This has meant that we have been able to take care of things concerning our daily lives and I get the message that soon we go again. Where? That part is still a mystery.


I am Ajax from Sirius, again. I am here to make sure that your new system functions properly. Your active part at the moment is to feel the kundalini rising so that you become aware of how it connects to chakras on its way up. You may think that your part is a passive part now but it's not. When the human shift occurs, you need to be the active participant in raising the kundalini, what I am doing now is to facilitate - to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Kundalini can be described as the mains supply of the system. It is able to process information coming through all your chakras into energy that your system can use to fuel itself. You see, energy is vibration, vibration is information. Information is energy. It is information that fuels life. Love is very high vibrational information, therefore it can be described as "rocket fuel" for your system.

(I have just been through a massive energy download when the new meridian system was put in place so what can I and all of us in this ascension spiral expect next?)

It is better that you do not expect anything but go with the flow. Now you are beginning to assume the roles that you agreed taking during and after the shift/ascension so all of you will be wired and connected differently, according to your role. Many of you will have experiences that you cannot readily share with others because their roles are different, therefore the process is different.

The common nominator is kundalini. My advise is that you do not go and study what has been written of kundalini before, you might get confused. Kundalini has now a specific ascension purpose for those participating in the ascension/shift, and your system has been upgraded with new meridian paths and connections. Furthermore, you now have new chakras activated in your auric fields, and you need some practice in becoming familiar with them. Trust, you are in good hands.


I broke my little toe in mid-July. This has kept me from driving a car, bicycling and even walking. The toe still goes swollen and violet if I exaggerate by walking more than about 200 meters at a time. When it happened I could not see the reason why - nor could I understand why my self-healing did not work on the toe. Now I see. We all have - in one way or another - been stopped in our lives so that what needs to be done on us, can be done. I also know that the universe does not break bones just for fun but for a very important reason...


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