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Oct 6 2010 - Mostly irritation...

...but not my own. People are displaying all kinds of symptoms and sometimes it feels that the evolution is going backward instead of forward. What is this?


We are not talking about good and bad forces, only energies that can manifest in various ways in polarity. People have built complex belief systems based on simple principles. That simple principle is a truth, that complex belief system is an illusion. When you study Jesus's teachings, his core principle was Love. What can you see of it when you look at the belief systems built on top of it? You see power structures, money flows, real estates, officials. Where is the Love, the essence, and its wider manifestations? Do you see what we mean? Where can you find the Living Love within that belief system? In human hearts? How does it live among you? How are you manifesting the message of Love?

Humans are beginning to wake up realizing that their lives are built on complex models within which it is difficult to find the truth even when they seek. And the truth cannot be found within those models either, it can be found within each one's own Heart. Humans have been raised to trust these models, from the day they were born, so it can be quite a shock to become aware that their lives have been service to external plans, led from the outside.

When spiritually awakened humans consciously raise their vibration, the collective vibration of humankind increases and each human will face key questions: what drives me, what is my life based on, what are my values. That's why people are showing many kinds of symptoms.

Allowing Love and Acceptance. With these you can protect yourselves from the upheavals of the world. When you accept what is and remain aware that this is the greatest turmoil that humankind has ever experienced, you feel calmer and you can focus on increasing your own Light. Increasing your Light helps all humankind, not only yourselves. The humankind is one consciousness and by raising your personal vibration you also affect the collective vibration.

Ask for help from the angel domain to stay within Love. They are in charge of your emotional balance; we and the rest your support groups are working at other levels. Figuratively speaking you are now relinquishing your old, worn out layers of clothes and you cannot yet see your new set of clothes at the other side of the fitting room's veil. The less you wear, the more nervous you may become. When you are totally bare, without one single thread on you, and you still don't know what kind of clothes you are expecting, it can turn painful. Trust. The exquisite garments prepared for you are so glorious that their splendour is immeasurable. Have Faith and Believe. Stay in Love. The reality is only beginning.


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