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Oct 5 2010 - Preparation of light body


I am Ajax from Sirius. Those of you who have kundalini now rising daily are ready to start housing your light bodies. The schematics have already been incorporated, some connection points within it that represent the outer chakras have been lit up and connected to other connection points, to the level where your integration allows. When all the lights are lit up and the connections between them made, you will integrate the sophisticated meridian blueprint that starts activating as is appropriate to you, according to your personal level of light.

The light body and its finer components have been prepared at higher dimensions, and now it is being brought to your level of existence so that your body can also make the shift to the New Earth where your consciousness is already able to shift at will. If you do not yet know how to move your consciousness to the fifth dimension, try this. Relax. Rise your kundalini. Move the intent of your consciousness to the level of your Higher Self. Slow down until you are firmly anchored to the moment of now. Open your awareness to the power and potential of the moment of now. Create. Expand the moment of now. If you find it difficult to function outside linearity, stretch the moment of now "horizontally", to appear more "linear". Play with it.


When I went to sleep last night, while kundalini was rising I saw this colourful design descend onto me. I was watching it for a while, how the colourful electric currents were traveling within these patterns, and saw this pattern surround me, then coming into me, becoming me. I was feeling safe and secure as I felt the new light structure becoming part of me, attaching itself to the frame already in place.

Ascension and shift are phased events and energy follows thought. Once we create the connection of our consciousness to 5D and are able to shift between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, our bodies also start a rapid transformation to their next evolutionary form, the light body.



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