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Oct 4 2010 - KIS

I am Ajax from Sirius. I want to demonstrate to you very simply why Love leading to Peace is the way that civilizations choose as their evolutionary path, once they get through the initial stages of polarity.

It is simple logic.

Negative aspect of polarity + negative aspect of polarity = End

Negative aspect of polarity + positive aspect of polarity = Cancel each other out

Positive aspect of polarity + positive aspect of polarity = Endless potential


Earth has experienced numerous civilizations that ended in self destruction. Some civilizations were able to ascend to the next level, with the lesson learned. You are the next to ascend, you avoided total destruction.

You can neutralize anything you regard negative by directing your Love towards it, if you wish, or you can allow the negativity to collapse on itself. There is no right and there is no wrong.

From ascension's point of you there is a diffence in what you choose: when you choose Love, you ascend. It is as simple as that. On the human level you then start the process to free yourself from all your experiences in polarity. If you have been basing your value on how much you own externally, you will let everything go to find your true value within. If you have been relying on your family and friendships to support you, you will let them go to find your sovereignty - you learn to stand on your own feet. If you have been afraid to truly live as an authentic human, you will face every one of your fears until you realize that they never even existed - you will find your power within. Paradoxically, this is when your life begins, at a new level. When you become who you truly are, you start increasing your light exponentially, because you will have released yourself of polarity. You will have become a creator becoming more and more aware of yourself in everything - ultimately becoming One alive, communing with One that is you, creating as One. Love = One.

Truth is always very simple. I leave you now with a KIS = Keep It Simple.



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