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Oct 2 2010 - Galactic contact


I am Gav; that you can use as my name. I come from a star system that you do not know. I am here to prepare the new union between humankind and the galactic federations, there are many kinds of them. Our main aim is peace.

You are a human-print being. From my point of view, an alien. We are all aliens from another perspective. Yet from another, we are all brothers and sisters. We prefer the latter.

You are becoming initiated to communicate and transmit our messages. We have been preparing you to assume your role since 1999, through your Pleiadian friends. This week we came to you to show ourselves, your future working companions. That night we activated some areas in your brain to better commune with us. You will become a messanger of peace and harmony, at all levels of your being.

Humans have been prepared to become a conscious part of galactic federations, working openly and publicly with the rest of the known universe. We will be aiding your science and making new information available to you, also offering you information of many the experiences based on greed of a civilization leading to its destruction. We have learned that peace is the way to truly expand in all possible ways. Lower values always destroy themselves in time, they implode and collapse instead of expanding.

The humankind is entering a new phase but not alone. Now that you become larger in your consciousness and powers, you step up to being a sovereign part of galactic cooperation. You have now, as a species, walked through your road of evolution, avoiding the total destruction. This grants you seats in the galactic fora, first to learn and observe their ways, then taking actively part in the evolutionary work related to human-print species.

Step by step. In peace.


This summer, when I plummeted in meditation through dimensions, as if practicing it, there was a strange "parade" in the bedroom, I saw inhabitants of other civilizations as holograms, some human-based visitors were waving their hands as if "remotely" present.

This week, Thursday evening, I experienced it again. This time it was different. I am translating here the chat conversation as I happened to be chatting online when it took place; taking others' comments away but not much editing it so that you can get into the feeling of it. "IT" feels very close now, whatever "IT" is.


30 Sep 2010

19:26:41   Yikes, I have archangels here!!!

19:28:00   Whoa, I just saw Zadkiel's wing!

19:29:09   I was feeling a little bit down so I asked for help and now there is so much help around that it's becoming a little bit too exciting!

19:30:00   First there was this little orb, then probably hundreds, then beings of light and angels...

19:30:25   Ajax gave me a hug and I remembered that the Pleiadians are also around...

19:30:38   Now there is so much anergy around that I'm getting dizzy

19:31:06   Yes, the beautiful wing of Zadkiel! I asked them to show themselves nicely to me so that I don't get scared. I saw a huge wing!

19:31:57   Violet, and now there are giant orbs, about half a meter wide

19:33:16   They are colourless when they stay still and when they move they have very light pastel colours, I try to tune into their frequency, and those beings of light I see even too clearly now

19:34:47   Oh, maybe 11 years, the two years before I only saw flashes of light

19:35:22   Orbs are a new acquaintance - and I just yesterday happened to find that one link to orbs at one web site as if in preparation

19:36:03   A moment ago a parade of light beings moved by... let's see if they'll do it again so I could see more clearly

19:38:22   Oh, the archangels are like two meters tall, head at the ceiling, I think that they can shift their size as they wish because they can also take the shape of an orb

19:39:43   Yikes, the archangels have surrounded me at the computer!

19:40:10   So exciting and funny at the same time

19:40:53   I dare not move, I might accidentally walk through someone and I think it might be rude

19:42:16   Half head feels open, the third eye is superopen now


20:00:35   Tuning back to the state of "seeing", it's nice to watch

20:05:17   Oh, it's related to the third eye, when it's open you can see through physical eyes

20:07:00   Yes, even if you have been seeing all kinds of beings for years still it can be a bit scary sometimes...

20:09:45   Oh, I just asked AA Amethyst to charge my amethyst bracelet, I put it on my right palm. The bracelet/hand started pulsing and I saw a strong violet flash, deep violet and really strong...

20:10:16   Yes, you see the eyes first

20:12:25   I'm still watching at these guests

20:14:28   Quite many of them are showing their wings now!

20:15:02   I always thought that wings are a fabrication of human imagination, but now they appear with their wings

20:17:23   Yes, and those angels seem to have a crown chakra that is visible as a crown

20:17:48   One stopped beside me and spread his wings so I can take a better look - feels like there's some kind of a party going on here

20:20:16   Smooth, silky

20:22:37   Hee, the angels are showing off, one lifted herself into air and stayed there and the wings were not moving at all

20:29:41   I have an orb on my hand again

20:29:55   I need a cup of coffee...

20:32:21   No coffee ready, had to make

20:37:06   Coffee ready, back to viewing

20:40:30   The wing felt silky when I touched it but then when its edge was moved against my hand it felt like a quill, stiff

20:44:40   It is getting wild here, now again some galactic representatives and some of them have such ugly faces that I don't want to see them clearly

20:45:29   And weird shapes of heads and eyes. One's head looked triangle

20:45:40   Or it was a hat

20:45:56   They probably dress up when traveling through galaxies

20:47:12   Whoa, every now and then one of them stops in front of me as if to inspect

20:48:34   Yes, and the Pleiadians also flash their blue lights occationally

20:50:43   Ooops, this lot looks strange

20:51:04   Maybe this is in order to getting used to the coming of the galactic community

20:52:48   Oh, I so wish that you could be here, this is overwhelming

20:54:27   I think I just saw ascended masters...

20:54:41   Wild

20:55:12   Everyone is moving so slowly - no need to panic or even get tiniest bit scared

20:57:07   Now there's a pause or it ended

20:57:59   AA Michael appeared as well, and AA Raphael...

20:58:13   And so many new angel acquaintances

20:58:44   Maybe IT, whatever IT is... is coming... IT!

21:05:41   It started again, again new beings appearing

21:08:17   this lot is curious, they must be from an other dimension than the others, I can barely see anything

21:09:24   Now I see too well! Yikes!!!

21:09:53   These last ones had geometric symbols on their foreheads

21:10:43   We will make with them a union in the New Light, whatever that means

21:11:29   One was so scary that I almost got scared but I had seem him already during the last visitation, when they showed themselves in the bedroom so I was not scared now

21:12:12   Something is coming, I wish I knew what.... oh yeah, IT!

21:12:46   IT is what everyone waits and no one know's when IT comes or what IT is

21:13:07   I still commune through my familiar guides

21:13:34   If one of those big, warrior looking guys would say something I would poo in my pants

21:14:15   I have never seen this many beings!

21:14:46   Yes, even bigger, one's face was next to me and it was giant

21:15:58   One had red face and eyes

21:16:16   That was the one I was scared the last time


21:53:40   I did not know what to think when I also saw... like they had animals with them... could it be?

21:56:05   One was like a big cat, like jaguar or cheetah, and one resembled dog

21:56:40   That jaguar went right by

21:57:00   Gorgeous!!!

21:57:42   It touched me, walked right to me and then swiftly passed, surely touching

21:58:23   I was more alarmed by the red face

21:59:22   But the energies were all alright..


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