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Sep 30 2010 - Lightning phase

A new ascension symptom: nose bleed. After waking up this morning, I decided to meditate to increase the level of this New Light. After some 20 minutes I experienced a sudden nose bleed. Let's find out what happened... guides?


We are your Pleiadian friends. While you were meditating, we were working on your circuitry. Your whole body is transforming, every single cell. This means that your body may at times function unexpectedly but no worries, you're fine.

For most Light Workers the past year has been change, at many levels. Moving to another location, releasing everything that is not serving the new yous, staying still while the body is going through changes, basically everything has been changing at an increased speed even if it has at times felt like you are stuck. If you could see the Light working on yourselves, you would be amazed, it is like lightnings of all possible colours and shades are travelling in your bodies, bolting out and striking back.

The nose bleed happened because the cells in your nose are now reconstructing themselves. You are in the process of becoming a new kind of human, a human who is able to house your soul consciousness, your higher self consciousness, your creator consciousness, your angel consciousness, and more. From limited human to practically limitless human, as far as consciousness is concerned. The body you will still have but it will become a part of your consciousness as well. It will tell you how to nourish it, it will let you know when it wants exercise, you can put it on autopilot when you are walking. You will appreciate it in a new way. It will be your intelligent self-healing, high-tech companion during your journey. This will happen to everyone ascending, naturally.

We are now continuing working on your body (yes, I feel the piercing pain at the neck) and you just relax. We are going to do this now non-stop until tomorrow morning, then this cycle is finished. Drink a lot of water, it balances your body and keeps it in the flow. And trust that you are alright. And don't blow your nose just yet.


Ah, I was not even aware this time that the Pleiadians are back. I saw blue flashes last night and this morning but I thought that they were just signalling their hellos.

I now actually feel the electric currents running through the body and chakras adjusting. I hope that they align the meridians when I go to bed in the evening. It's a funny feeling when they go through the meridians with what feels like a mini sewing machine that tickles. Ask your guides to demonstrate, it's fun!


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