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Sep 5 2010 - Group consciousness


After doing energy work also in my dreams I woke up tired and... sad and worried. It did not help that the first song to listen to was Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles. It actually brought tears in my eyes.

Let's find out why.

Emotions are part of human experience, a major part. You are releasing parts of human experience by entering into them and releasing them from charge. Not only are you working on a personal level but also in group consciousness.

We are now starting to Light you so that you can rest. (My body starts to sway once again.) The "old" Earth experience was about extended polarity with lower vibration. The "new" Earth experience is without polarity at higher vibration. The opposition vanishes. There is no good to oppose bad. In the wider, heightened awareness everything is, it does not carry a label of good or bad.

What you and many Lightworkers are doing now is to "free" old experiences in the group consciousness by releasing them from labels so that when people remember them, their awareness connects with them, they are not carrying polarity. The old experiences of wars, genocides and other violent events are charged with deep and strong emotions of polarity. These are neutralized to assist the shift, or ascension as you like to call it. You carried echoes through from your dream work. Balance them.

It is the human who makes the shift for the human. You are helped all the way, but only the human can do this. You know it in your Heart. Rest now. Breathe. Let our Light lift you up. We are with you, we Love you, always...
Angels continue to light me, my body continues its now familiar swaying and I start letting go of the "work mode". After all, it is Sunday... Now I go back to Adam Lambert and Time for Miracles to finish the balancing of emotions. Love and Peace to us all.


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