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Sep 29 2010 - The Rose

Let's start. The rose grid has been bringing you together with people that are on the same ascension spiral. You have had many trials that were designed to take away what you thought you needed, when in reality all you need is you. You are the key, all of you. Together you are a force, a natural power, the Beauty and Joy alive.

Like the rose, you come from the same stem, forming together the beautiful flower and only together can you be the rose. Individually you are petals, beautiful but without the beauty of the rose. Together you form a miracle of life, the beauty of life. Admire the beauty of the rose, learn from it.

Some of you are more delicate than the others, and you are the petals at the center, some of you are stronger and form the outer petals.

All of you, together, are the family of souls that can unite like the petals of the rose. This brings new meaning to your lives, to belong to the same rose.

Every soul stems from a family of souls. All soul families will find a way to union, many will do it in this life time. Some will continue looking for the unification in other worlds, because this is the time of the human ascension and some soul families have not experienced all that they have chosen to experience. There are worlds to experience, in this universe and beyond. Far beyond.

You may feel that the trials have been too hard and the Universe is playing with your life, just to see how much you can take without breaking, or through breaking. No. You have become empty and stripped, to be able to fully bloom. Now you are ready to be the rose, glowing your special Light, shining it to the world. You are more than you were before, because you carry the new Light. By letting go of all and everything you possibly could, you also let the old human Light go. Now you are becoming filled with new Light, the new level of you. The creator you.

We are the angels that look over you, your every breath and your every thought and feeling. Let us now tend the rose that is you...


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