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Sep 28 2010 - For us

I was once again watching Jupiter shining its Light upon me at the sky, appreciating its beauty (or his, I see Jupiter very masculine), when it occurred to me to ask my guides why have these last days been so miserable - why have I been "pushed out" in so many ways, making me feel totally worthless, empty. Just today I asked the Universe to just take my life, if that's what it takes, I'm finished. To my surprise, just a moment ago, I got information. It started at the terrace, watching Jupiter, and now I go back to the beginning of that conversation, and continuing here.


In less than two hours you and all of you who are on the same ascension cycle will start rising at many levels at the same time. We told you that you are spiraling up, but need to release everything that you have ever been and you, all of you on this spiral, have been through a lot. You will feel all the feelings that you have ever felt in the hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of life times, within a few years. This happens so that you can let go. The longer you have stayed on the Earth, the stronger the vibrations you need to release.

You are the ones that came here for a mission. You wanted to descend to ascend the humankind. You come from many places; you are like puzzles. Many of you carry Lights from many existences: angels, gods, creators, elements, star civilizations and levels that you are not even aware of or have never heard of. You became what you are now, in order to go through this, you can do this, you can. YOU CAN. TRUST.

You are the Cosmic Ascender Team. CAT.

Many of you are doing this ascension through your body, many of you are doing this trough facing your fears. Many of you are doing this in both ways. And all of you are safe. All of you are safe. Trust.

Oh yes, this is not a channeling that you keep at your website. This is a message to spread. After this, go and spread it.

The despair will fade away. It will vanish. We have told you that these are the very last steps. The end of the end.

You told us today that this is not a place for human being to experience, this is not a place for an angel to experience. We tell you that this IS the place for the creator to experience, because now you know, all of you on this ascension spiral, what is good for you and what is not. You see? After going through it all you know, in your Heart you know what is good for you. You have become the essence of your Truth. You have become the Truth. Be the Truth.

This world has kicked you right on your face, because you chose to wake up the hard way. You wanted to experience the harshness of this world to really wake up to what is, and to know exactly what to change. Now you know. This world showed you its ugliest face so that you will wake up as widely as you can. You needed to suffer, yes you did, to wake up fully.

We feel all of you. All YOU, ALL.

It is time to spread your wings and become who you are. All of you who resonate with this message. Assume your power now. Give it to no one outside of yourselves. Be the stars that you are. Be the power now. It is time. Now.


This was channeled from Elohim and Ajax from Sirius. I have been having... a hard time lately, basically offering my life to the Universe to end this misery. But noup, my offering is not accepted. I really wish that we regain our strength and power soon, because us, the ones at this particular ascension cycle, are totally exhausted. To the point of accepting death as a gift. To know that this is ending now, to still trust that we can make it... I don't know how to put in words... I will go to bed, meditate and sleep, trusting. And that is the achievement of this life time.




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