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Sep 27 2010 - Tying the last threads

Even when things seem not moving, they move. Movement is constant. Right now they are moving really fast as nothing seemingly moves. The world wants proof. You want proof. The proof is there, just see it. Straighten your back and feel the kundalini moving. Feel it?


(I am just feeling the kundalini move, stretching my arms... Ok, a question. I have ... surrendered in all possible ways, what more is there that I can release?)

It is done, 99.8 per cent of it. It has created a space within that can be filled anew.

Relax and believe that everything is alright. You are safe, you are protected. You carry Light. Your life will begin again. A new life. Trust.


Tune to the signs again.

You are transforming, all of you, now. You will regain all that you can in human form and more. Multidimensionality means a new kind of freedom. You can be in your human body for example as creator with powers of creation and manifestation. Yes. It may sound incredible now that most of you are in a recovery mode after the summer's surrendering and becoming void. It will be a wondrous moment when you for the first time realize that you have become who you are when you remember. You have remembered glimpses and you have held the power for moments. This has been preparation for the final awakening when you move from "the old" to "the new", permanently. It is an intricate and delicate process, this is why it takes time. You continue releasing the old until there is nothing left to release. Then you become truly free. There are only a couple of threads left to tie up, practically just echoes.

Hang on, hold on, release.


I did, been crying already several times today, not knowing why...

Oh, there was the Sirian Ajax with me and he will stay with me through this...


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