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Sep 26 2010 - Questions and Answers

Q: Why am I so low with energy?

A: You have received a new level of light receptacles. When they activate you will feel energetic beyond previous experiences.


Q: When do they activate?

A: In meditation you rise your kundalini and the receptacles charge up.


Q: Why do I feel so disconnected from everything?

A: It is part of the ascension process. To detach is to make space. You know this to be true, you have been through this before. You know. Trust.


Q: Also this trust has been a little bit weak lately, why?

A: To let go is to let go. You already have your values stored in your spine. The next thing to do is to light them through meditation. They are your inner values, your inner Light. Your inner Trust. Trust.


Q: You know that we would like to start living again one day...?

A: We know. And you know that this is what you came to achieve in this life time, to lift the human experience to the next level. We know.


Q: Hmmm, kundalini started rising by itself now. Can this be regarded as that 15 minutes of daily meditation because I am too tired to meditate properly?

A: This is alright.


Q: How many rounds of tunings are we still to expect?

A: These are the final receptacles.


Q: Any words of encouragement?

A: Yes.


Pleiadian humour!

It feels sometimes frustrating to just be, like waiting for something and not knowing what it is and when it comes. Luckily, we also get to experience the moments of power, Joy, the 5th dimensional energies surrounding us, and for fleeting moments, we are also aware of the plan and our part in it...

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