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Sep 22 2010 - Pleiadian Buttons!

Last night I had a hunch that today's message would be related to a hymn that I have been hearing in my head lately, but no. When I woke up I felt the Pleiadians fixing me. Let's find out what's going on!


Hi, we came again to sort out the system platform of your body. You know that we call your body a craft, like a space craft. We see it as a vessel to transport you around.

When the kundalini rises and lights up the values, it needs these buttons that make the fusion possible. (Buttons?) Yes, technically very advanced but we might call them buttons for now. We are taking the old ones out and putting new ones in. They also have to be upgraded every time your frequency raises.

As before, it's a three day session of tuning, balancing and checking, we make three cycles of them this time. After that it takes you some time to adjust.

The spine is a major part of ascension, that's why we are so often making modifications there. It is not only a part of the ascension, it is the launcher of the ascension, like pressing the start button. The ascension of Light workers will cause the shift of the Earth. From our point of view you all start up the engines of your space crafts and that force permiates everything in this Earth dimension and lifts you to the next level where we can communicate much more freely and you will be able to see us better than now.

(I feel action in my spine.)

Yes, you should, we are now pulling out the old buttons to see what has happened while we were gone. Hmmm.


Yes. Your buttons are quite good which means that you have not been meditating lately to increase your light.

(You caught me there.)

We are still going to give you more powerful buttons. While we are here, we will do the lighting for you but after, take 15 minutes each day to meditate, even lightly. Just tell your kundalini to rise and that takes care of it.


Now, you can move while we do this but moderately, as always.


Pleiadians... what to say. Our dear friends from the stars. It seems that all ascension roads lead to the spine so let's button up!


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