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Sep 21 2010 - Time for Phoenix to rise

Ready? We are.

Sometimes you wonder if it was really necessary to take the hard way and not some other way. A very large number of Lightworkers chose the hard way. This life time is like the graduation from the human experience. It is like writing a doctoral thesis of your learnings while releasing them at the same time, let alone doing the Earth's Ascension work full time at the side. Congratulations to all of you!

We are back at John Lennon's Imagine. Imagine a world without countries, possessions, religions, greed or hunger. Instead there is sharing and brotherhood; peace in the world that is one. You are smiling because now you know that it can be real. In your soul it already is. You have opened your eyes. You know what to create.

This summer has been a deep dive into the densities and at the same time, practicing to fly high. We could call this the last washing machine cycle, and now you have been thoroughly spinned. If we ask you now, who are you, the answer will depend on from which perspective you view yourself. You have become multidimensional, not even being much aware of it yet. You will, in time.

The Autumn Equinox will balance you within a few weeks. You will come into terms with all that you went through, to emerge like the Phoenix bird from the ashes. All of you. Then you will be able to fully appreciate the tough ride. You have been aware of us, angels, elements, star guides, and others, but you were never really aware of yourself. Now you become aware of yourselves as masters of human life, receiving the honours of all the experiences gone through.

Do you see the beauty of the plan? All the millions of Lightworkers, all around the world, are waking up to their mastery. You will find each other and start working together to create the New Earth. The change will take place among people, not corporations or other organisations, but you, all of you. It will be people for people. Ordinary people awakening amongst ordinary people, to unite, to become One.

There is an Ethiopian proverb that you know and it says: "When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion." Contemplate on that.

This message was given to you to start building your Trust that may have wavered during the latest spinning period. Trust now. Breathe. You are all amazing. Feel our encouragement. We are the Elohim.


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