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Sep 20 2010 - Last rounds of cleansing

As a human you have experienced hundreds and thousands of human lives to become a conscious Lightworker. You can think of it as traveling down a spiral, and now you are traveling the same spiral up. What you experienced is stored in that spiral so while rising you will encounter all your experiences, to let them go, or to take them with you.

It may seem endless, but we assure you, it has an end, the shift. The shift will free you all from all that you were, except the values that you have chosen to carry to the New Earth. You created diamonds of experience through your earth journeys and now you are collecting them while spiraling up. Those diamonds form the values that will be the building blocks of the New Earth. The values exist as Light outside earth, but it is you, all you Lightworkers, who formed them into diamonds of human wisdom to carry along with you. You made the values realize on earth, you created them on earth.

These values, these diamonds of human wisdom, have been, and for some still are, integrated into your conduits of Light, your spine. When kundalini rises, it activates those diamonds to shine their Light. When all of you do it together, your Lights will shatter anything and everything that cannot tolerate the high frequencies. Don't be alarmed, we are talking about the remnants of polarity here. Lower feelings cannot withstand the Light but everyone who has chosen to shift, can, with the help of the Maitreya awareness that shields them. What happens next, is for the new human, the soul creator human, to realize.

We know it's uncomfortable to climb the spiral, to face the same obstacles over and over again. Rest assured, you are in the final steps now.

Many of you have been preparing yourselves for this event for thousands of lives, on this earth alone. This is the life to bring all of those life times to closure, to end one collective human experience, to start a new.

Let your body and mind relax now. You are all doing well. Breathe the conscious, living air of the fifth dimension. Let it lift you up now.

You still need to take some trips to the third dimensional world, to release what is left there to release, but start spending time in the fifth dimension every day now, consciously.

Find your inner peace. Think through your Heart. All is well. Trust. We are the Elohim, your guardians and friends. Feel our Love.


I had bad dreams all night and woke up shaky. I was wondering how long is this going to take, every high seems to be followed by a low, and asked for guidance. This channeling was the answer to my question.


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