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Sep 4 2010 - Awakening of the body


I was "transferred" to Earth energy work for a few days, to consciously build openings between dimensions. I wondered why, because the "shift opening" was already created and was being expanded for mass transfer. The answer was that knowledge of the easiest way to shift was needed for the collective memory and the easiest the shift is when one experiences it more than once and is released of all the fears associated with it. Well, now there is a memory of an easy shift in the collective memory for all to use.

I also got acquainted with the representatives of the Galactic Federation - or to be precise, I saw them. The night before there was a real presentation parade in the bedroom, as I went in a conscious state through dimensions with the help of the Pleiadians. I hear that we will be joining this federation shortly.

I have also wondered why I see Pleiadians, Hathors and other star beings, even more easily after the shift, but no ufos, no matter what. I got an answer for that, apparently I have experienced such things in previous lives that for this one, a filter was added to my physical eyes and my third eye, so that I don't see ufos, a "fear shield" of a kind. It has been removed now, so I can watch the skies with new hope and maybe actually see something someday.

But, to the message, words are Light.


May we Light you? We will Light you now. You already visited darkness.
(I receive beautiful energy which fills my body and soothes my mind. The body is stretching and starts to sway like a tree in the wind after that, a good feeling.)

We recommend that you drink plenty of water today. It cleanses. We will take care of you now. We are the Angels.

There are some of us on Earth space as human. There is angel light inside many people. Human is created from beings of dimensions. There are seeds of stars, creators, lights and angels in a human. Then there is the whole evolution as knowledge in the light of your blood. You are a most magnificent species. The best qualities possible have been put together in you to experience Earth and now you will rejoin our Light.

Do you feel the movement of your body, how it moves in the Light? (I'm swaying as I write.)

It is practicing to be light. It is communicating with the Light with its every cell, not with the chakras anymore. The whole body is one state. Every cell will awaken to awareness. As you have been in a dream, so has your body. It is waking up now and starting to look after itself. Do you feel it awakening?

(My crown chakra is itching and my body just keeps swaying. I feel I want to drink some berry juice. Oh, wider stretching now, guided by the body, moving on autopilot...)

Your body is teaching you now. It is the carrier of Light on Earth. It is intelligent energy, not just a bag where you have been stuffed into. It is Light. It is magnificent. Feel the state of it now...

(I notice that I'm looking at a vase of dried flowers on top of the filing cabinet and focusing tightly on the small roses and I notice that I'm smiling ...)

Living on a new level opens consciousness also to body states. You can re-experience what it is like to live on Earth, conscious on several levels. As creator, soul, higher self, angel, values, body, externally and internally. Life is to experience creation, now on Earth. Create now.

We will take care of you now. Be in our Light and enjoy the moment.

(I remain swaying in gratitude in the Light of the Angels, feeling the states of my body...)


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