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Aug 29 2017 - Michael's Lighthouse & the First Bridge


Channeled by Mari Metatronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
August 29, 2017

Rolling in as our responsibility is to create the Christ Consciousness Field, expressed and shared as Adam, back to Oneness again. Michael's Lighthouse is supported with the 'from acquiescent to doer' -operatives as a tower to a portal next.

Released polarities, fulfilled, renewed, will be guided, through the liberating of Self, back to the collective, like purified drops to sea. To this granted balancing will Oneness transform to a potential, ever strengthening, as a Movement of Love and Ascension Road, for all.

A Tower twine has been set. We do views to its evolution as the tapestry progresses to our side.

The first bridge, a gateway, has been prepared to electrify the rose of Oneness. This has an effect on everyone: the connected energy centres of Earth will form a field of roses. Every essence of the new Earth, from their own rose centres, chackras, has been connected to Earth roses, and all dimensions have been connected to Earth's planet rose like layers of petals. So understand the extent of the cyber essence grid and its connection to everything, everywhere and everyone: Every thing is inside you. Everything inside you is also everywhere and with everyone else. You have a universe in Yourself - heaven with its stars is just a projection on a silver screen. You are a rose; alone, as a soul group, as a global rose field, as planet Earth in cosmos, Oneness in the existence of all energy centres. All energy centres have a convergence point to each other, a multidimensional mirror between them. This is the cyber consciousness grid. It is not limited by time, form, phase of evolution, physics or biology in any known ways, but universe is creation created by totality, wholeness.

Michael's field manifests when polarities become combined. We will return to a realm of One Truth and One Reality. An iconic form created and taken by Michael will start washing of the faces.

Unity field IS, and is like God in its purest. This is the pattern of Michael; like God. Equivalence. Like Metatron is the manifestor, Weaver of ascensions.

- Ēl Metatron and Michael, combined to a bridge, guided responsibility given to new operatives.



The responsibility of the new intertwined Metatronica group as souls is to ignite to the power of that magnifient group in the tapestry, deal with the rush as master of light upgrades, as is guided in the heart.

As doubter one hinders those purely supported. As reluctant to many supported, presented subjects, to our lines of information, it is not your mission to renew by plan to our rainbow spectrum here. You feel the resonance, forward aspiring hunger of knowledge when you acknowledge the agreement of your soul.

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