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Jul 15 2017 - Steps of Consciousness - Part 2


Channeled by Mari Metatronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
July 15, 2017

Many of you feel more sensitively and deeper, touching your own pain areas, energies and buckles of others. Buckles are those lessons that are meant to open and close on the path of soul. Fear may be summoned by an experience, a feeling as if you were the renewer of the buckles yourself. Diligence and a low threshold to sucking and pushing, heavy and manipulating energies makes moving in balance on your own power platform shaky and prone to irritants. You do not talk about highly sensitivity for nothing. Reaction is pure and innocent in connection with those situations and events where triggering happens, by feeling authentically, which is impossible to fake - even if fear is often the trigger. (Supported fears were explained earlier as timers and boosters here, also last karma services work in this capacity.) That is why properties of global healers have often been twined to the evolution of these 'squeamish' that I pictured. Although we are talking about sensitivity and an annoyance, experienced as a burden, washed in these congested phases of evolution's time window, it is a most splendid potential and a gift: Naturally the sensitivity of the senses has been seen as acknowledging a touching pleasure, as a fundamental understanding of art and a disposition for empathy. It has been and will be possible to develop it to be an asset.

Right now it is also a phase on ascension path of many to cherish fidelity to one's evolution, causing feelings of guilt.

I told about inadequatedness and guilt in the spelling of the first step of consciousness. So guilt is congested acknowledging of an experiencer of life, elevating one's role, created by inadequacy, competitiveness and repeating circles of thought, with the power of frustration repressing feelings and others, need of change and manifestation of fear. But it is also a guarantee of awakening. Many enriched with special sensitivity feel a need to examine their hearts, cleanse their minds and dismantle burdening thought patterns. This is supported, planned guaranteeing of responsibility in order to grow light to Earth. This growing of sensitivity is part of evolution of nervous system. Feeling of responsibility camouflages easily as feelings of guilt, if internal self-knowledge - because of lack of trust - does not yet acknowledge the planned, supported and flowing timing of life. How everything will open in its time, in the right place, when preparations are fulfilled and the soul is ALWAYS safe. When certainty and most of all trust to tight, mounting and strengthening synchronicity of everything arrives, guilt will calm down as the need for control cleanses: You know you control your responsibility by controlling the need to control as your responsibility. As understanding opens and when you become aware of your own tasks of balancing and evolvement, that feeling and trust will strengthen. Guilt has guided to taking responsibility, has done it's job and can separate.

The most clogged emphatics and specially sensitive are to separate from their foundations. Setting boundaries will lack from the set of skills and energies will flow, following an unexplainable guilt, to pleasing others, calming one's essence, slaving means of support of the mind, and surviving from shocks. And let us not forget unnecessarily strong amount of self-preservation. And where stress wears out, the very sensitive ones drain their power already in avoiding stress. Even to the pressure created by thinking of avoiding stress. They are painfully aware of their sensitiveness, their propensity for anxiety, their fears, that can manifest as depression and dissociation disturbances. This is a group that can experience echoes from the collective compaction of guilt as if from their own path. You, who were guilty in the point of view of my previous writing, when I was comparing those guilty with encountered blind in consciousness, that reflect your own blindness, please see now even deeper.

Bearers of guilt: Contemplate and discover your most deep-rooted think patterns. Acknowledge where there is no love and trust to life and Oneness, which includes appropriateness of everything that has been, is, or will be. Discover grace and forgiveness, whether you recognise in yourself an accuser-perpetrator or a super perpetrator, or both. Forget external accountability as a cause of guilt for that one moment when you choose love into your heart, thinking to be the size of all that; your full, unselfish, unconditional love. Guilt will dissolve as you start to hear and execute fidelity to yourself. It is your greatest and most important soul responsibility: Love to yourself. It opens also all other mirror surfaces of love to live with you in your reality.

- Ēl Metatron, global cleaner of guilt, manifester of evolution, igniter of the change power of the gate of your sensitivity



The responsibility of the new intertwined Metatronica group as souls is to ignite to the power of that magnifient group in the tapestry, deal with the rush as master of light upgrades, as is guided in the heart.

As doubter one hinders those purely supported. As reluctant to many supported, presented subjects, to our lines of information, it is not your mission to renew by plan to our rainbow spectrum here. You feel the resonance, forward aspiring hunger of knowledge when you acknowledge the agreement of your soul.

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