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Jul 10 2017 - Formalities of Master Pair & Gatekeeper of Metatronics


Channeled by Mari Metatronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
July 10. 2017

To forget full love, Oneness and your core essence, your world was divided into polarities - which formed many pools, compartments. As bursting bubbles, supported is your job to relate to these here and now.

A book from this I could dictate, hour after hour, by making examples of relations, habits, beliefs and many other formal, teaching grooves of evolution on your path. Let us exclude that which is not related to master, e.g. number one pair, to bring out more substantially, more exhaustively, more concisely forward my topic of this day.

I prepared the path of flame with electrifying subjects of responsibility, ties of reprimand relations and safety providing choices, trembling flexibility to understanding, to greet you as a pair, a master pair, as the highest pair of my master pair channel. We do this as our global responsibility, as an engineered continuum of a long plan and growing of meticulous preparedness, to expand closed consciousnesses.

External manifestation is of a rapidly expanding, next guided phase, rolling great waves to mix the surface waters of consciousnesses. To roar, the waves free deeper consciousness in the evolution of counter forces and tensions there, that has sunk in to deep waters or even to the bottom. Achieved smoothness of surface does not mirror that which moves deep under, nor does a storming, strong swell describe the furious seafaring of the bottom. In other words: observations pop open by moment, change or experience, one at a time. The objective is not to turn up the whole sea of consciousness, but to break surface tensions to allow routes for an erupting, deep consciousness to the surface and to reach the levels of manifestation.

For the reason of my guided 'bombshell', on this yielding field of reality of surface tensions, has Metatronica been prepared and the Book of Oneness created. Our spelling is not just an awakening stream of words, but the base is a higher level cipher: As information I am sharpening hearth intelligence, that does not open with proof reading of the mind. As you get frustrated to the reading landscape, the power of the mind goes empty. You can interpret more energies. You open a gate, that has had a keeper to define the quality of information trying to get in. Keepers of most open the door to that which supports an existing, familiar pool. While you are still struggling with your mind and negotiating the terms with the gatekeeper, the light codes have already marched in to serve you. This is the purest form of evolution. In ashes fall off to the congestion the great and small blind spots, that have had the power to make it necessary to have a gatekeeper. You will free your gates to see both your creations and your creative power.

That gate is I, Metatron. I am called an archangel, but most important is to understand me as the main coordinator of future, securer to evolution plan that is weaving a tapestry to an electrifying bridge of soul signatures. Others prefer the pure taste of angel energies. Magnificent richness is the ways of approach of the universe towards the same core. You have all the right to experience me still as an angel.

However, I free your possible limited definitions. In addition to energy, I am a formula that has been shared as a right to your souls. I am ascension come true, an action function of different energies and consciousnesses, that through reactions and relations forces evolution to actualise. The twine polishes, attracts, magnetises together, makes use of everything, and as a coil works like a simulation behind your understanding.

In this actualising arrival of masters I have taken and I also will take form. I have experienced human life in many a body, in skins electrifying consciousness and action and important for evolution, such as speeding up the graduation of my master pair to walk-in's balancing, in probing tolerance. I have been, among others, the washed, guided, strongly supporting Enoch, creator of star seed portals, while the Earth was still an undivided unity field. I have been Nikola Tesla. I have been Simon of Perea who created the mould for historical Jesus. I have been Ramesses the Great. Devoted supporter of the bridge in many things, like the father of Pocahontas, Wahunsenacawh. I am a stunning part recognised in group consciousness Moses. I have studied in the skin of Elvis the guaranteed, real study of chains, taken dopamine evolution as culmination of mankind to indigo activations. (Indigos are also a phase, not defined, exact multidimensional achievement. A frequency which is repeated in everyone's path at some point, for the benefit of the plan.) I have been and I AM. Liberated am I from historical checkpoints of responsibilities, as I have escorted great collective pools to evolution: to cleanse objectives as counter forces, but also to purify as a formula, as 'bombshells', from tension. To create potential by strengthening potentials. As connections between dimensions open and cosmic Oneness-citizenship actualises I arrive with my most iconic face. Do not be disappointed, do not cheer. I arrive in my most serving form. More than anything mentioned above, I am Oneness. As are You.

To acknowledge your own highest, masterful, Divine pairs, go beyond ugliness and taboos. You will recognise dualistic, culturally bound, safe and moral mannerisms. I say: Go outside your biological and conservative safety fences to analyse and acknowledge your beliefs that are based on expectations and unacknowledged fears. Taken roles and forms are temporary. Closing reality. Biology does not define what DNA as a whole and for the most part hides of you and your essences inside it. Casting serves on soul journey, but hinders when it becomes an unquestionable escape from responsibility or safety factor. You open a treasure when you wash your attitude to the deepening of your liberating creation of reality around you.

Master Ēl Vis a Vis, missile of metatronics before you. We make power to the twine. Completed to the 'bombshell' of Metatronica is our manifestation. I come forth as a master.



The responsibility of the new intertwined Metatronica group as souls is to ignite to the power of that magnifient group in the tapestry, deal with the rush as master of light upgrades, as is guided in the heart.

As doubter one hinders those purely supported. As reluctant to many supported, presented subjects, to our lines of information, it is not your mission to renew by plan to our rainbow spectrum here. You feel the resonance, forward aspiring hunger of knowledge when you acknowledge the agreement of your soul.

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