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Aug 9 2012 - Harvest thy Bounty: the preparation

Harvest thy Bounty: the preparation

In the last 5D report the Pleiadians said that the entrance to 5D was official, which is true, but with all the celestial intensity of July coupled with Mercury retrograde, and solar flares aplenty, things have felt anything but “new” here. Luckily, as of yesterday (8/8) Mercury not only stationed to go direct, but it was also the opening of the powerful lion’s gate portal (Sirius stargate). We can certainly feel these energies scouring every cell of our being, a vibration that will reverberate thru the heavens (and our bodies) until August 12th-ish…tho in my opinion/experience, this energy can be accessed and consciously utilized all the way to the end of the calendar year. In other words, it really packs a punch.

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Manifestation Explosion

First of all, it is becoming more obvious than ever that our manifestation capabilities are exploding…which is amazing!…that is, unless you are still operating from a polarized/separated mindset (ie. love versus fear/dark versus light, etc…which, from the perspective of (5D) unity-consciousness, is all just the flip side of the same coin) in which case you are accurately showing yourself exactly where you are putting your focus and where healing is still needed.

The speed by which “thoughts become things” is so rapid now that mental, emotional & spiritual impeccability is really our only remaining option.  Everything by way of transparency is pushing us to come into complete alignment with our thoughts, words, and deeds which means now more than ever we are needing to be who we really are, say what we really mean, and act according to both.

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Ripening Crops

We are moving into what the sisters call a month of rapid & swift manifestation.  I am also hearing the analogy of transmutation…as in: transmuting base metals into gold. The flow of abundance that opens up in our individual lives will have everything to do with how much clearing work we’ve done, where our focus/energy has been (especially since March), and IF we are firmly fastened and balanced in our rightful position of receiving…which is a very different energy dynamic than we are used to as 3D humans.  That’s a lot of elements that have to come together, but for many, this is exactly what will transpire.

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Having said that, the sisters actually share this information with some hesitation since there are some who are finding themselves at the opposite end of this potential…those who are either at the beginning of their activation period (awakening) or those who are still in the throes of finding their balance in these energies.  No matter.  What’s important and what they want to make clear is that the potential is here now for all of us, regardless of where we are on our personal sojourns.  As always, it is up to each of us as individuals to step into this potential, to clear our karmic passageways and to open to the greater gifts that lie just beyond the veil of separation.

With so many in the masses still asleep, where we are on the journey is insignificant as I see it.  The significance is that we are on the journey at all.

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8:8 Lion’s Gate

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There is so much to be grateful for during this month and the sisters say that they are beyond delighted to see what transpires for each of us as things begin to click into place, and in some cases move deeper into position.  I am also told that during the next few weeks we will be able to see, without a shadow of a doubt, where we’re headed, what’s in store, and even the beginnings of what the next phase will look like.

Overall, August is always a fast-moving/busy/active month, but this year in particular there is great movement and the definite feeling of coming “unstuck”  with the entrance to 5D and Mercury going direct…on the same day of the lions gate opening, mind you. The unseens say this energy dynamic can be likened to being shot out of a cannon and flying thru the air without a parachute.  Where we land will have everything to do with trusting in the divine plan, otherwise great stress and suffering will ensue.

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Reconnection of Purpose

In the last 5D report, the sisters mentioned that the Mercury retrograde period was a good time to revisit our perceptions of purpose and that “a surge of creative energy is moving in that will inspire us to re-indulge/redefine our soul passions”.  Well, that time is apparently now.

Coming off the tail end of this major gateway portal…meaning, after we integrate it fully…is a new sense of purpose that the sisters say will be arising in each of us.  For much of July, our new level purpose has been simmering and bubbling beneath the surface in the cauldron of creation, mixing with the primordial fires to boil us down to the truest, most purified version of ourselves so that we can express the deepest levels of authenticity in our creations and contributions to the world.

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In closing

Lastly, the sisters want to point out that while there is so much happening this month by way of change and new creations, there is also MAJOR healing happening simultaneously that will allow for the release of many remaining blocks impeding the implementation of our new level purpose.  The ongoing healings will come as a result of the purifying fires of this powerful month and will catapult us to freedom in even more ways.

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I guess there’s just one thing left to say….fasten your seat belts!

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