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May 12 2012 - Eclipse Portal: Birth of the 5D Being

First of all, welcome to the new ThinkWithYourHeart.COM!

It feels SO GOOD to be back, but even more exciting to finally be here and now.  Before I get you all caught up, I first want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude for the time/space I was provided with and personally needed over the last four months to tend to my own transformation and needs.  I know first hand how difficult the first quarter of this year has been for many, and for that reason alone I am so appreciative of the sacred space that I could feel being held for me during a time when I desperately needed to put myself first.

So for that and for each of you, thank you for being beautiful!


The transition from TWYH dot NET to dot COM symbolizes so many new beginnings on so many levels…many of which I am still unaware of…but the most obvious to me so far is in the timing of it all.   I really wanted dot com when I originally began writing online in 2007, but (ironically) it did not become available to purchase until exactly the end of 2011, right when I was completing my first level mission of service for phase I of ascension.

From where we are now (on the cusp of phase II) it’s more obvious to me that DOT NET was specifically for the journey out of the old world and ways, whereas DOT COM will be for the exciting expedition into the new world and new (5D) ways. But like most of the last decade, I had very little idea where I was headed… and tho I still have no real idea where I am going, I finally know that I AM.  Luckily, that’s all we need for this next voyage.

Then to Now

Since my last energy update at the beginning of January, and directly following the completion of my new e-program, Cell Speak™, I went into what felt like an even more extreme version of transformation hibernation…if that’s even possible.  Like many of you, I spent the bulk of the last 4 months prone immersed so deeply within myself…enduring the ongoing pains of (re)birth, completely focused on clearing all remaining falsities and core-level (e)goo. If I thought I was disconnected from the outside world during the last 7 years on this journey to finding my authentic self, I would now consider those years “social” in comparison to 2012 so far.  Personally, I have found this last jaunt, the total realignment of the most dense aspects of ourselves (emotional and physical bodies), to be THE most challenging to date…and that’s putting it mildly.

Not that it’s over yet, but for those in the throes of their own rebirth, it’s pretty easy to discern that we are full-on in the contractions of physical labor…with all the emotions (& pain!) to boot.  It’s like we are first time mothers with no idea what to expect during and after the actual birth and we are both giddy with anticipation, and jittery with anxiety about the unknown.  And from what I am hearing, the next four weeks are going to be solidly packed with even more internal and external changes as the mutation process intensifies…which is why the Seven Sisters are kindly stepping up as our destiny doulas, wanting to offer some pointers to help keep us focused and breathing as they guide us thru the complete emergence of our 5D self.

5D Life, 3D World

The birth of this website signifies a major shift…both in our lives, and in the world at large.  That difference exists between 3D and 5D… BEcoming to BEing…and what that will mean to a growing number of people.  From what I can tell so far, and with the invisibles input, we are preparing to set sail on some brand new waters, with a brand new vessel, and even a brand new compass.  We are literally emerging as a new-humanity, in a new-world, with a whole new perspective (“whole” being the operative word here)…but while simultaneously coexisting in the old world and dismantling structures to serve the purpose of bridging realities.  Oh yea, and with no map.

BTW, if you are beginning to feel like a (new)human experiment, join the club. This next phase feels very Truman-show-esque to me.  In fact, this is why DOT COM was created….as a gathering place to stay connected with those of like-heart, mostly to check-in with “reality” now and again as we explore, discover and ultimately (co)create the new world. Of which, there will be a tremendous learning curve, based on my recent conversations with the sisters. The bottom line is that we have no idea how/what we are supposed to be doing in this new space, and that’s kinda the point…that we are not supposed to do anything anymore…we only need to do what’s in our hearts, what inspires us, what we are drawn to do, what brings us true creative passion and boundless joy. Obligation is so 2011.  Empowered choice is the new black.

Not only that, but we are fixin’ to bring these brand new perspectives to the world at large, in a very real & practical way..upholding our expanded, 5th dimensional presence while maintaining our physical existence (& livelihood) in the 3d dimensional (modern) world. From the Pleiadian point of view, this has never been done before in this way, and so we have some figuring out to do.  Things like…how do we relate to the outside world now that we know, in a visceral way, that the whole world is within us?  Or how do we maintain an unfiltered connection with Source while buying corn at the Piggly Wiggly?  How do we co-exist between worlds, relate to others, find our community, manage our relationships & boundaries, stay grounded & clear in disharmonious environments, operate and upkeep our new biology suits, etc, etc.?  We have so much experiencing to do!

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That’s what the next leg of this journey is for…to figure out how to literally and physically exist in a world we’ve been creating in our heads for so long.  We’ve come full circle and so we gotta get back to basics again and learn how to live a new-earth life in a new-human body…but with a galactic-human perspective. Most of us on this journey feel as tho we have been dropped off on the wrong planet, so you may agree that getting in a physical body (and staying in there…willingly) while learning how to sustain ourselves in the physical world (biologically/financially) is the true sorcery.

We all know that this embodiment business is for the birds, it’s the hardest work we will ever do in a lifetime…which is exactly why so many people prefer to pretend it’s not necessary and displace their power onto external sources to save/support/sustain them. And I can’t say I blame them…taking our power back and grounding our authentic selves into the earth is excruciating work.

But without it…without bringing every aspect of ourselves to THIS physical life, in THIS physical body, in THIS every moment, we have absolutely no chance of sustaining ourselves in THIS physical world…which is why we are right now being stripped of every last illusion, delusion or escapism that threatens to keep us from claiming our power as the true creators of our reality. And this is no picnic…there are some uncomfortable revelations surfacing, and will continue to surface, in an attempt to expose the truth in every way, shape and form.

We all know, on a mental level, that there is no one “out there” to save us from anything…never has been. But integrating that knowing on a body-based level is where all the real work is/has been. The new world is here, but it exists within each of us, and it is 100% up to us to step into it.  It is not a physical space by which we inhabit (yet), it’s a realm of consciousness by which we embody.  It is/will be a world created by the direction and intelligence of (universal) LOVE, by those who have achieved the full radiance of (universal) LOVE…an amalgamation of those who have crossed over, and those preparing to cross over.

(re crossing over…the sisters quickly throw in that for the next decade or so, some of us will be maintaining space where the old and new converge (both in the physical and online world).  These convergences are where those new humans with contracts to serve as bridgers (teachers/guides/healers,etc.) will have the opportunity to escort new peeps over to the new world.  This group is/has been diligently setting up shop to bring forward their new level gifts of service for those who are in need, or in preparation to make the transition.)

The ascension journey has literally taken us all the way to the cosmos and back, and yet we never had to go anywhere to find that the universe was inside us all along.   And now it’s time for each of us to apply our inner-universe to the outer world…to effectively use every part of ourselves in our everyday lives…to be who we really authentically are, at all times…to practice what we metaphorically preach and to live by true example.

It’s easy as pie to exist in “love and light” in our heads and with our words, but bringing that energy into our heart, home & environment…body, mind & cells…work & purpose, and all our relationships (including and especially our relationship with self), is a whole other animal.  For that reason it took the fiercest of warriors to go first… those with the purest, most unencumbered hearts and the clearest visions of what’s actually possible beyond that elusive veil of separation.

The second half of this year, we will all come to understand exactly how successful we’ve been in truly allowing “love & light” into every aspect of our body & lives.  The proof of which is already steadily arriving as all our hard work is finally beginning to pay off.

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The Portal

From May 20th to June 20th, we have a very special opportunity to leave the world of (ego-dominated) duality behind….for good.  May 20th heralds a rare solar eclipse alignment between the earth, moon, sun, the galactic core and our central Sun, Alcyone (one of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades!). The sisters consider this alignment to be the actual beginning of what they call “the one world being”.

[Section protected for premier-level members only] I am hearing that the last several days we were being offered a bit of a breather…a chance to center ourselves, regain our fortitude, and take a very deep breath before we jump, heart first, into the unknown.  I imagine this will be like that final push in labor when we are so exhausted that something deep within us must surface to take over, but by the time we reemerge on the other side, the sisters say that we will literally be taking our first breath as re-borns…as our true, authentic, new-human selves.

Physical Recalibration

Much of our focus so far this year has been on the physical…our bodies, our health, our new-level purpose & projects, our homes, environment, etc.  All of those external things in our lives that are in need of final preparations have been consuming, but all of this restructuring is required to bring every aspect of our self and lives into alignment with the 5D experience…to align our inner-universe with our outer world. We are birthing both our physical selves and our new world simultaneously, and it is both liberating and startling.

The physicalization of our new, true lives is well underway, it has been since the March equinox period and will continue well beyond the solstice.  We are only just beginning to witness the miraculous changes that will appear after the dust of this transition settles. The body, mind and soul must come into complete alignment which means those recent bouts of dizziness, FATIGUE, apathy, depression, body aches & pains, etc. can be attributed to this necessary biological recalibration.

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As always, the only thing required to do is BE.  Allow, allow, allow… cuz ready or not here we go!

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