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Jun 23 2011 - One Eclipse Left...and counting

One Eclipse Left...and counting

So, in the last update I said that "I hope you took a deep breath whilst yer head was still above water because we are definitely going under again…deep see-diving into the depth of our core-self to make some final welds needed to fuse our two (polar) halves."

How are you faring? 

We did come up for a quick breath of air after integrating that noxious lunar eclipse, but only for a hot second before the solstice energy waves started to pull us under again.

This lunar eclipse was a doozy for many…in some cases it successfully cracked open core blocks and forced us to take a solid look at our foundations before we begin to build upon them. If your foundation was slightly damaged, most likely you spent the last 7 days repairing it.  If the damage was severe or irreparable, you may have been suddenly forced to begin again…to dig up the existing foundation and lay an entirely new one.  If you are one who is experiencing the latter, no worries...this is not a race.  Everything is always exactly as it should be.

For all of us, the lunar eclipse provided a massive opportunity to release some deeeeeeep feelings of lack/unworthiness…we were given the chance to coddle those remaining loveless parts which, unfortunately meant revisiting some dark places in our past so that we could illuminate and reclaim those aspects of ourselves that we unknowingly left behind.

In either case, this eclipse passage is serving two major and divine purposes for us: the fusion of our higher and lower self thru our heart center, and a disconnection from our sticky past.

"First, we would say this: You are no longer your human past. You are no longer a descendent of your biological family, nor are you a member of the 3d dimensional human family.  You are co-creators of the new earth, descendants of the stars.  You are members of the 5th dimensional human-galactic family, focused in this time and space continuum as representatives of your true genetic origin. Your role now is to take your final step into this truth." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Bridge Builders Retire

In order for lightworkers, starseeds and indigos to function properly in this world, a frequency ratio needed to be achieved so that the initial activation for planetary ascension could be accomplished. This means that most of us have not/never have been wired for 3d earth...which, essentially is why we mostly feel tortured by it...but many of us needed to incarnate in the lower dimensions for the purpose of weaving and anchoring the unity grid (our home turf) into place to secure the frequencies needed for us to thrive, as well as to provide a cushy landing for the new (awakened) children arriving here.

The path-pavers are also the bridge builders…each with different roles to play, but all with the same goal: to create access portals to the new paradigm so that the opportunity to ascend to a 5th dimensional consciousness exists for all who choose it.  

Some of us were responsible for scouting out the proper geographic (vortex) locations to build or resurrect these etheric bridges… others were responsible for the (sacred geometric) design, architecture and engineering…some were the scuba divers working beneath large bodies of water, descending deep into the emotional undercurrent of the collective consciousness to secure the bridge footings……some built the framework and laid the roadways that connect one world to the next...some had the job of redirecting mental traffic and finding alternative routes for the conscious commuters…some worked in communications, raising awareness about the new pathways, reporting progress to the public and keeping all interested parties connected and in-the-know…some were the project managers, overseeing the entire production with a hand in all of it, while simultaneously lifting the morale needed to survive the vagueness that surrounds the completion of a such a large construction plan.

Whatever your role was up until this point, if you were a path-paver, you were forced to clear a massive space in your life (read:give it up) so that you could partake in this monumental production. Now that the frequency ratio has been met and the light has tipped in our favor, these soul contracts have expired...which means for this group, the grid-work is complete, the bridges have been built and are mostly ready for the masses in 2012, give or take some finishing touches.  This also means we can now shake off those lingering attachments to the old earth once and for all and spend the remaining days of the 9th and final wave of the Mayan Calendar (which ends on 10/28/11) recuperating from the exhaustion of such labor intensive work and focus solely on our own personal/biological needs.

Warts and All

The unseens have said to me many times that the second half of this year is a "very physically focused one", and while I am not completely sure what that means yet, I am told that the solstice (6/21) was a pivotal point with regard to our "physicality".  The second half of this year, we will be aligning our physical selves & lives with the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies that we have been working with (clearing) for the last several years...which can sound scary & painful thru the filter of post traumatic stress that most of us are clearly suffering from... but the seven sisters say that this part of the ascension process is where the fun (?) begins because we get to create from a clean slate, with our focus solely in the present, without our goopy past continually derailing us.

And I guess that makes sense because we have been grounding so deeply into present-moment awareness that the past is becoming a hazy dream and the unknown of the future is becoming less-daunting by the minute.  This in-between space goes by many names: zero-point, still-point, neutrality, presence, the now-moment, the space between thoughts, etc.  I call this space "ijustdonthaveenufenergytocareanymore".

Whatever you call it, when you're here…you're free.  This is the space where you are truly willing to let it all hang out and be the authentic you that you came here to be….warts and all.  Now's a really good time to ask yourself:  What do I still care about? Then let that go too.  Because when you just.don't.care.anymore, you finally get out of your own way and let your heart lead…which is the whole point.  This is the proverbial "empty vessel" that Mother/Father God is looking for to fill us up with some of that love juice.

Spiritual Sweet-Spot

"When we say "think with your heart" we mean this in a very literal way, as well as metaphorically speaking." -
Seven Sisters

The sisters say that this eclipse portal is delivering us directly to the space required to fully and completely Think With Our Hearts…which is totally awesome because now I finally know what my website means. 

The masculine/feminine merging process, aka " sacred union" is the marriage of the polarized divine forces of creation within the human body. I call this "the spiritual sweet-spot"….where spirit meets matter, where head meets heart, where ascension occurs, or as Death Cab for Cutie says with such poetic lyricism…"Where Soul Meets Body". 

This unification process literally rewires the heart for new neural activity which enables the heart center to become the primary control center.  Yes, the heart really does think. Apparently my domain name is not just some artlessly obvious cliche that Debbie Gibson adopted in the 90's…its actually literal.  who knew

The high-heart is  l i t e r a l l y  wired to send and receive intelligence in the same way the human-brain does, however, the nerve center that is located within the thymus utilizes sensation for communication, where the brain primarily uses thought.  An important distinction for the new-human template: feel first, think later. Try taking that into the board room….lol.

For many of us who have been on this train for a while, feeling-based intelligence is old hat because it was literally all we had to go by...it was our ONLY navigation system (well, unless you talk to dead people like I do) and one we came here wired with so we could guide ourselves thru the dark...and I mean d-a-r-k....but collectively, this is a new directive for humanity, and one by which the beta-testers of the new-human prototype will be first to fully embody.  The changeover from brain-thinking to heart-thinking is literally the basis for a new-human species... and one by which biologists will also soon discover, according to the seven sisters. 

"For those who carry the activated DNA, love will lead.  For those who are still undergoing the changeover, love will be easier to attain.  For those who have yet to awaken, fear will be amplified until a higher way is entertained." -Seven Sisters

Karmic to Resonance Creation

The unseens would also like to remind those folk at the front of the parade that, as of the solstice or the next solar eclipse…not sure which, they all just blend together anyway… that you sleek 2.0's are no longer bound by the laws of 3d dimensional creation...which really means  "you are no longer operating within the laws of cause and effect".  When we rise above polarization by healing the separation between the lower (ego) self and the higher (divine) self, we change our participation with the Law of Attraction.

Cause and effect is (karmic) creation thru a separated mindset, which entails a process of polar energy exchange... whereas resonance creation works directly with the Law of Oneness, and from a unified mindset.  The difference is in the application, much of which we will be learning to master in the coming months.

Those who are no longer operating from a separated mindset are now learning to create from a healed space of unity and this will require new understanding, new application and new memory activations that are now taking place within our cells.  Our cells have the memory of home encoded within them...they are mini-computers of conscious intelligence that carry the frequency quotient of our original divine blueprint and they have been communicating with us and with each other to begin the harmonization process required for unity creation…a process that ensures our lower-self is working in harmony with our higher-self.

My take on that is: expect glitches.  Chances are we will turn a few princes into frogs until we can get the hang of this.

Techno Boom

"In the coming days, discoveries & technologies that relate to the "new science" will become known.  Keep abreast of these new areas of advancement, they are spawned from those in touch with the greater fields of intelligence." -Seven Sisters

Very randomly, the unseens would like to give us a quick heads up that there are new and advanced technologies that are soon to infiltrate the earth plane, compliments of the techincally-yet-to-be-discovered-God-Particle.  Apparently, something is about to burst forth and crack the entire foundation of human understanding as it exists within the 3d paradigm... and from what I am hearing, this will not bode well for many organized religions.  I could be wrong, but the feeling I am getting is that whatever "this" is will be much more impacting than the realization that Mary Magdalene was not a whore.

"Be forewarned that there will be those who denounce these new technologies in fear of religious partisanship.  The voices of these collectives will rise to the surface to be heard by all, yet those who vehemently object are those who reject any advancements that threaten their understanding of God.  These upheavals are to be expected but we assure you that those in favor of new technologies will far surpass the furious few." -Seven Sisters

Hop To It

"Lastly we would like to mention that the upcoming solar eclipse (7/1) will be a beneficial time to thrust new ideas into the collective.  There is a new energy arriving to support those on the unity timeline and so we reiterate that the time is now to put your ideas forth and begin to take action upon them." -Seven Sisters

I am hearing that for the next three months, we will be wrapped in what the seven sisters call "a protective cocoon of fast forward moving energy" that will support many new projects, concepts and ideas here to promote, sustain and support the new-human existence. 

We are being called forth, individually and collectively, to physicalize our dreams and its been made clear to me that there is no time left for indecision or wavering.  In other words...what we have come to realize up to this point must now be fully accepted as truth. There is a shrinking space closing in and around us that is both a buffer of protection from duality, as well as a field of greater opportunity that must be used consciously. Bottom line: the unity realms have requisites of soul-based integrity that must be met so be sure to check any remaining fear/doubts at the door.

"The remaining months of this year are designed to put you in complete control of your destinies.  To do this requires a fearlessness that only you know if you have achieved.  If the thought of living an empowered, self-sustainable life elicits fear in any way, those fears will be addressed in an ongoing fashion until they are resolved.  You can feel safe to release these fears  knowing that within each of you is an innate intelligence so much grander than your human understanding, and this intelligence is guiding you home."
-Seven Sisters

Hang tight, we'll be out the other side in no time...literally.



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