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May 11 2011 - Human 2.0-christed edition

Human 2.0-christed edition

"There is so much change taking place on the subtle levels that to speak of each one individually would be akin to searching for a stone cast to the ocean." - Seven Sisters of Pleiades


If your head feels like lead, your heart is on fire, and your body is a mockery of a marshmallow...then welcome to the full integration of head-heart-body.

If I may still indulge in polarity for a moment, I have what feels like very good news and very bad news.  The good news is that I have been told that this month is the month that the frontrunners of new-human consciousness complete the upgrade to the new-human prototype, the final transformation into mind/body/soul integrated existence.

The bad news is that I think its going to hurt like hell.

I definitely hope I'm wrong here, but the pains of labor have been p-r-e-t-t-y intense since May began and it doesn't feel as though it will let up anytime soon.  The unseens say otherwise…that the middle of May will bring some reprieve...tho they also admit that this month will be a very "physically focused" one.  This is what I heard: every single cell of your played-out bodies will continue, unremittingly, to throb in the writhing pain of cellular mutation.  Until forever.

Physical Integration

"What we would like to bring forth out of all of this is the realization that those who are on the path to oneness have arrived at a deep place of physical integration, a crosspoint in all intersecting layers of perceptual reality that are now woven into the cellular tapestry of the new human form." -Seven Sisters

If April was a month of reassessing, redirecting and resetting, then May is a month of integrating, mutating and morphing. During the last several weeks, all those parts of ourselves that needed to be reclaimed were revealed to each of us (in mostly odious ways) during that never ending Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury is finally leaving its shadow station, and we are coming out of a very long and productive inward phase where we released & cleared lifetimes of human/genetic karmic debris... however, with so much growth in such a short period of time, our cells still need the time/space to shift and align with our new level awareness. 

Because of all the inner-work we completed last month we are experiencing a profound deepening..an unmistakable soul recognition is taking place, a growing awareness of home that is filling every cell of our bodies.  Literally.

Right now we are adjusting and releasing another round of remaining density so as to align with the harmonious energies of the new-human form, and it does NOT feel good, but as we continue to come into alignment with the vibration of our complete, purified, core selves, our bodies will adjust and release, adjust and release, and the end result will be a perfected physical vessel…the physical representation of our divine-human blueprint.

"Mid-May will provide you with forward moving momentum, the key will be in how well your body is able to assimilate these energies.  If you are hanging on to unresolved issues from the past, forward movement will be halted to the extent that you are willing to let go.  The physical symptoms of mutation may continue to plague you, but only until you are fully released from the past, firmly situated in the present, and focused on moving into the future.  Trust in your body's intelligence and it will show you the way home." -Seven Sisters

New-Human Health

"If we had to define health in the new human form, we would say this: harmony.  Rather, we would change the word health to harmony." -Seven Sisters

No doubt we are in a nasty funk…we have been knocked down for weeks with symptoms, and tired in ways that mimic the beginning of our journeys.  This deep fatigue is present in every tissue, organ, muscle and bone of our bodies…even our blood is tired….but up until now, none of it has made any cognitive sense. 

The unseens say that all of this is because we are literally changing physical form and our bodies are using all of our vitality to morph…that we are emerging from our proverbial cocoons.  Tho the butterfly analogy is relentlessly overused, it is also very poignant in the sense that we are actually changing from one physical expression to another, from the inside out….and just like the butterfly, our release from restriction is timed with the greater cycles of creation.  (groovy butterfly metamorphosis vid HERE...should make you feel right at home)

Whenever we go thru these intense periods of physical transformation, its important to remember the magnitude of change we are undergoing….that the transition we are morphing thru is not an incremental (linear) healing that is taking place as in old-paradigm holistic constructs where we "peel back the layers of the onion" to reveal our core.  Contrary to that, biological ascension (reconnection) requires that we access our core selves first, in order to effectuate true and lasting change on every level of our being and in every area of our lives. 

This is also why, for those on the ascension path, no individual healing modality can take us to full symptom cure…not only because these modalities are external, but because true health is not established thru healing, but thru remembering…aligning with…our divine state of wellness.  The difference is in the focus.

In other words, the ascension process does not bring us from bad to better (linear), but from from limitation to freedom (quantum).  The result is in the lasting effects, but the process is WAY more comprehensive…which is ultimately why the starseed warriors were designed to go first…so all you freakishly courageous souls could fully display the results of such self-inflicted torture.

This fiercely independent group stepped up as the biological beta-testers for the new-human prototype and now these groups are finally (tho slowly) coming out of the beta (metamorphic) phase and are soon to be fully functional 2.0's as we near the end of the massive inner-journey and embark upon the final phase of our physical transition to the "other side".  (NOTE**Keep in mind that tho we are emerging, our wings still need time to harden before we can take flight, so patience is still required.)

The unseens have always said that physical health would be the last to arrive, but they are making it clear that this will not be health like we have ever known before. Health is such a broad topic that perspective matters here, but they really want us to "get it", that this state of completeness is far superior to physical well being.  They describe new human health as "an amalgamation of circular patterns of bliss…heightened, creative energies that flow uninterrupted and are interconnected, yet independent of each other...energies that transmit and communicate to each other in a harmonic and effortless way, free of the separation-based discordance that breaks the flow of vital life force in lower dimensional consciousness."

They also share that the human 2.0 christed-edition will be malleable, spontaneous, self-contained and light in its movement…they call this the "ultimate state of physical existence" and one that will require less maintenance than the older (3d) model. ohthankgawd.

Because the new-human form works with crystalline magnetics in the fluid form fields, we will be tapping into a new circuitry board, one that is built into the new grid and contains the codes required for our physical participation with conscious co-creation.

With the upgrades complete, our ability to adapt to energy will apparently be remarkable and our new-human vessel will enable us to not only feel good...novel concept...but to navigate ourselves strictly on the new earth (crystalline) grid, which exists all around us now, pulsating with pure potential and while waiting to express its infinite intelligence thru our shiny new stellar bods.

From Service to Creation

"One further point that we would like to make with regard to this life-changing transition is that each of you are fully in control of your destinies now.  It is no longer a place of coming together to create for the good of mankind, to fix what's broken, but a place of coming together to create from deep passion, from the unrelenting desire to make manifest your YOUnique contribution to the planet thru the pure reflection of your soulular self."

We are finally at a place of fully expressing our divinity in a way that expires our old (clearing) contracts and deeply embedded programming that we are here to "save the world".  There is no saving or service required any longer….we are simply here now to share the part of ourselves that will, by default,  uplift others.  The shift is important here because when work from a place of "saving", we are holding on to the very paradigm that we are now breaking free from.  NoCanDo.

The unseens want us to deeply understand that the new-earth pioneers are shifting from service to creation, which is a completely different energy construct.

Any need, desire or impulse to "save" the falling world comes from a polarized mind, lends energy to chaos, keeps us attached to the outworn and therefore restricted from our ability to create on the new timeline. Remember those words of one famous Albert Einstein...“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”?  It applies here.  As the outside world continues to spiral into chaos it is imperative that we push thru to a higher level of thinking by remembering that lasting change only comes when we transcend the energies that created it.

We are here now to create a new way, to create a new world... to use inspiration as our weapon and love as our shield.  And there is no turning back.

"Know that your contribution to the world is nothing more or less than what sets you on fire…it is the reflective radiance of the sun's creative potential within each of you, the core center of your embodied power to create, and for all to benefit from." -Seven Sisters

Dance with the Divine

"Understand this...there is no longer a gap between who you are and who you want to be." -Seven Sisters

So the past and the future are merging and we are beginning to operate from still-point, where the universal elixir of creation resides.  Its an odd sensation really, like we are no longer participating in our lives, but with them.  And nothing outside of the moment can hold our attention for very long.   Accessing anything outside of the present is growing in futility which means we are no longer operating from a place of what will be, but what is....and as well, we are shifting from the mental understanding of ascended living to the sensation-based experience of it.  This has yet to sink into our full-body awareness, but it will.

As a result of this merging, we are no longer those beings who are here to teach thru information alone…we are here now to teach thru the integrated, embodied understanding that can only be achieved thru first hand experience, and is wholly contingent upon our ability to create our inspired visions on the blank canvas that is now laid before us. When we do this effectively, the universal forces of creation come rushing to meet us…not because we have summonsed the force, but because we have become the force. As we merge with these forces of creation thru the sheer magnitude of our presence, we become one with the flow of divinity thru sacred union...and as these energies move us to act, to create, to speak, to dance, to sing, to love…all in perfect allowing...only then we will understand the true meaning of co-creation. 

This sacred dance works thru mathematics and geometry...which I will probably delve deeper into thru future writings... but for now, know that these sacred sciences are fully at play.  In the past, separation-creation was a combination of sacred science mixed with human will and using universal hologram technology (3d matrix) specifically designed for this interplay.  But now, in the fluid fields of morphic resonance, the power of these sacred sciences are pure and instantaneous.

"Those in the collaborative cosmic dance with the divine will be presented with opportunities to take part in the creation of new earth.  You are the builders, the planners, and the architects of an ascended earth.  We wish for each of you to grasp the enormity of your contribution thus far and especially as you step forth to apply your creative, sculpted vision into the world at large.  You hold dominion over the new earth...you are the fiercest of warriors, the pioneers, and therefore the guardians of Eden."

Bridge Portals

The new-human (crystalline) prototype that the warrior brigade is beginning to embody is designed to work/communicate strictly with the intelligence of the new (crystalline) grid …without participating in the old world dynamics…which is why it is so essential that this group no longer attach to the falling world.  This also means that the interconnecting points of old-world versus new world (sacred living) will be fully protected by vortices, or forcefields of energy so as to secure the portals to new earth dwelling spaces from those who are not yet fully reconnected and operating from a place of pure heart resonance.

This is not a separation based tactic, per se, but rather a safeguarding of sacred creation as well as forces of protection for those who are not yet prepared to handle such high frequencies. These interconnected grid points will serve as the bridge portals for souls to walk over, both for souls who have ascended into triality consciousness to access duality, and for those ascending duality consciousness to access triality.

These portals will serve as anchors of higher dimensional energy for the dismantling world and offer healing to those who feel called to serve.  It will be up to those who have entered fully into triality (christ) consciousness to act as the gatekeepers and to work with these sacred portals in a way that will support the new-human and the new-earth.

For those of you who are already participating with these sacred portals between dimensions you will be coming together with many more to broadcast these energies in physical locations that support the bio-energy dynamics required to uplift humanity to a sacred level of coexistence. More on this to come...

World Without Limits

One morning a couple weeks ago I heard these words ringing in my head…"Are you REALLY ready to be, do and have it all?"

In the past when I heard those words, they scared me....it felt too far away and too overwhelming to grasp.  But this time I remember thinking that I don't even know what that means anymore…that I am so beat up far removed from any concept of wanting that there was suddenly no context for that question. 

Right after I formed that thought in my head, I heard…"Well then, congratulations is definitely in order."

Which inspired me share, with kind permission, this crystal clear analogy from an email I received from a reader:

"I feel like Janus at the portal, with the ability to see into both worlds. 

The old world I feel so intensely because it feels more and more repulsive in the strictest sense of that word.  I find myself looking at things and going, "I remember that" and yet it's something that the masses are still up to and yet it feels like eons ago to me, like remembering something from childhood that went out of style and is no longer around but you might see in an antique store or something.

And the new is so very exciting.  It feels so appropriate that it is springtime now as that goes with this feeling, this anticipation of something wonderful unfolding, with little hints and evidence here and there.  And yet what is so strangely prickly about the new that is coming is not knowing what to expect and not in the typical "can't know the future" kind of way but in more of a 'So, just what does one wish for when there are no limits?' "

Don't forget to nurture yourselves!


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