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Mar 22 2011 - The New Wave of LOVE

The New Wave of LOVE

There is a deep soul-level silence that is palpably permeating the planet right now.  The human heart is opening and adjusting to the amplified frequencies of love, and many are left reeling from all that has transpired since March began.  It's not as if we didn't know the magnitude of change that was before us, but the impact of it all...the integrating and aligning…is now pulsing thru every level of our being, felt in every bone in our bodies. 

So much has taken place within and around us that we are just now beginning to figure out where these shifts landed us. It almost feels like we endured a shipwreck in the middle of the night, were cast out to sea on a life raft and left to the fate of the tides.  By sunrise, we notice that we are bumping into the rocks of a new, unknown, unexplored shore.  This is where we are right now with regard to our new level of consciousness.

New Template of Love

The devastating & recalibrating events that took place in Japan and shook the globe last week, in a very literal sense, were the result of the same energies that precipitated a major heart & plexus opening throughout all of humanity.  The energies behind this event caused a massive expansion in the (high) heart, as well as the solar plexus, and this expansion process is creating the new template of love that is now anchoring on the planet.  This new love is a combination of empowered love (high heart) & spiritual wisdom (solar plexus)…what the unseens refer to as the activation of the "body brain".

On a physical level, this opening can be felt in the center of the chest, thru the back of the heart and in the pit of the stomach. Symptoms can vary based on our personal collection of energetic/genetic miasms, but generally our solar plexus (third chakra) is linked to our stomach, abdomen, upper GI tract, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, spleen and adrenal glands…and the heart center (fourth chakra) is linked to our heart, lungs, blood vessels, shoulders, ribs, breasts, diaphragm, and upper esophagus, and so all of these areas are subject to cellular detoxification during this time.

Some of the more prominent symptoms may be manifesting as tightening/pain in the chest, shortness of breath, anxiety, extreme and unrelenting heartburn/indigestion, acid reflux, nausea, heart-flutters, palpitations, arrhythmia, soreness/sensitivity in detox organs and along the spine.   (**NOTE: for the lucky ones experiencing that drop-to-the-floor heartburn, drinking a little baking soda in water is the only thing I have found to put out the fire…temporarily) Also, as these energy centers open more fully, it can also cause great discomfort in the middle of the back where many are unfolding their "etheric wings" (opening the energy center behind the heart)….I am hearing that those affiliated with the first wave of the ascension timeline are affected/afflicted by these energies the most right now.

We are still in the throes of integrating this new wave of love which not only alters, or recodes the layers of the auric body, but…in biological terms...stimulates the thymus gland (located behind the breastbone between the heart and throat) to literally expand, which also forces the chest to expand to house the enlarged gland which is now receiving even greater influxes of light. 

In other words, love hurts ; ))

Empowered Love

The growing high heart energy center governs compassion and inner peace as well as our connection to the world soul.  This recent heart opening is why we (humanity) are no longer exempt from the human condition as a whole…and just as we are more increasingly (and viscerally) affected by what takes place on the global stage, we are also affecting the whole of humanity more directly and profoundly now.  We have always known that we are all connected, but as the heart reemerges as the primary thinking center, we are coming to know this in more effable ways.

The overall result of this expansion/opening/activation is yielding our advanced divine-human capabilities to love beyond (mental & e-motional) attachment. This higher level of love transcends e-motion and is what is required to effortlessly and successfully navigate thru the remaining years of global ascension. Those capable of tapping into, harnessing, grounding and fully embodying this divine-love are those who have stabilized enough to lead the next group of ground troops into the new era. 

It's important to realize that this love is not the same as compassion.  Tho it includes compassion, it is at a much higher level...more like empathy versus sympathy where we can understand the feelings of others without getting entangled, overwhelmed and lost in those feelings.  And it is even broader and more comprehensive than that…it is the kind of love that holds all of humanity in a safe space by deeply knowing and exuding from within that "everything is in divine-perfect order" regardless of the external circumstances that will continue to challenge and befuddle us. 

This love is the same type of unconditional love that we have received from our soul teams and spirit guides through our own ascension process over the last 12 years while we endured the dismantling, restructuring and rebuilding of our personal lives.  Even tho our guides care so deeply for our well-being, they never dwell on, or identify with our suffering or darkness knowing it would only serve to enhance our pain.  Instead, they softly & continually lift our sights to a more expanded view...to the greater acts of love that often precipitate our suffering... those same acts that force us to embrace and cultivate more of our potential. 

This is the love that the lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, etc. are being asked to embrace and embody now…without wavering.  We are being prompted to apply the divine feminine principals of love in a divinely masculine way…to hold the pillars of light in place by remaining strong and disciplined in our focus (divine father archetype energy), and while nurturing humanity with the feeling that "all is well" (divine mother archetype energy).  At this stage of our journey it is our constant responsibility to remain neutral knowing that our wavering thoughts can create profound waves of electrical distortion which can greatly magnify the thoughts of powerlessness and discordance in the collective mind.

The kind of higher vibrational love that we are called to put forth is empowered and responsible, and therefore does not identify with or feed the collective mind with disempowering thoughts of the same vibration…thoughts such as sympathy and pity.  Contrary to that, divine-love emanates neutrality…the golden elixir of creation… which cradles those in need and fills the collective mind with thoughts of empowered love, peace, possibility & potential.

To a polarized mind, this type of love…love with detachment…may seem callous and unfeeling, but it is really the opposite of that.  It is such a high vibration of love that it encompasses the entire gamut of human e-motion, from one polar extreme to the other. To get here, one must personally traverse and transmute the collective shadow of humanity by experiencing and integrating (thru FEELing) all aspects of human darkness, where we eventually can accept suffering as the pathway to wholeness thru contrast…and without becoming immobilized/traumatized  from it.

Plugged-in to Source

For those who are beginning to experience this new-human characteristic of empowered love, you may be noticing that external events are no longer shaking you to the core, and if they are, your rebound rate is quickening…that you have a stronger ability to stay centered while witnessing (perceived) human tragedy and can (finally) distance yourself from the pain of others.  This ability is a direct result of our reconnection to our internal power-Source…we are increasingly less dependent upon external sources to sustain us which means we are less affected by them as well.  Our internal state of being now takes precedence over everything so things that used to once thwart us no longer have that power over us.

This is the ultimate state of "being in the world but not of it."

Since lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, etc. are tremendous empaths, getting to this place was a rather daunting feat, but deeply…genetically…we understood that transcending the emotional body was a must and that we could only be successful as true light-bearers when we achieved this state of balance from within. Well...this state is now and we are starting to feel it.

This empowered love that comes from being plugged-in to our internal power Source is the only kind of love that will carry us thru to the new age…it is the substance that we must use to build the bridges for more of the masses to walk over….a love that serves as the fortified light and shines like a beacon thru the surfacing darkness that will continually threaten to engulf humanity thru this powerful time of transition.

This type of love is anchoring and what we have worked so long and hard to achieve…it is the support system required to rebuild our earth.  We are still learning, and in the process we are perfecting the art of temperance…remaining as the eye of the hurricane, the grounded still-point of the swirling winds that brings everything into balance and helps others to feel secure.  This is divine-love-in-action…the only way of the way-shower.

The Unity Wave

On March 20/21st, the day of the vernal equinox in the north (autumnal in the south) and followed by a super "perigee moon", there was another wave of awakening souls released from the 3d dimensional matrix of mental captivity.

I am hearing that this next wave activation period actually began with the massive X-class solar flare that precipitated the geomagnetic disruptions and resulted in the monumental earth shifting that took place last week.  I don't think its a coincidence that on March 9th, we entered the period of the Ninth Wave ...the final evolutionary wave of energy to push humanity into unity consciousness (according to Carl Johan Calleman)…and on the same day we experienced a massive X-class earth-directed solar flare… and on March 11, an 11:11 star gate day, Uranus (aka, the Great Awakener) entered Aries the same day an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan.

From what I am hearing, this massive shift into unity consciousness was enabled by a divinely ordered amalgamation of celestial, stellar, solar & galactic happenings that served three purposes:

1- Shook the planet and her people to the core which jolted the mass consciousness to a conscious level of interconnectivity.

2- Created a massive wave of heart-opening for all of humanity.

3- Pushed those prepared to enter the unity timeline as forerunners of the new paradigm deeper into alignment with their original divine blueprints so they are/will be even further removed from the 3d dimensional dross.

This is all a simultaneous happening precipitated by the same magnanimous forces of creation and depending on where we reside on our path to full-human potential.   Ascension is not a singular act, but one of great diversity…each and everyone of us at our own and varied levels of conscious participation with our personal and global evolution.  In other words, the energies of co-creation are available to us now, however, we are not all on the same timeline and so each of us will experience these energies according to how far we've progressed on our personal ascension path.

"As those prepared to enter into full participation with the unity wave of consciousness begin to settle onto their new axis, another group of souls begin the next phase of awakening.  This simultaneous shift is what will propel those new world teachers and pioneers to the fore...they will be called forth in great demand. The numbers increase in your favor now, a timed-release awaits at a fortnight. Pray tell. " -The Spiritual Hierarchy

Dealing With Compression

So much to do, so little time!

The Pleiadians have been sharing with me that many are finding it difficult to center in the space required to be released from the time/space continuum, or linear timeline, and would like to make it clear that that there is no way to "rationalize" with these folding energies.   As we make our complete transition to the unity timeline, we are still caught between worlds and we can very easily get caught up in the swirling energies of collapsing linear time, and even be tormented if we are attached to the process.

The racy thoughts and feelings associated with the compression, or the seeming increase in time, is a due to the expiration of the old construct, while we are not yet fully immersed in the new.  This in-between space can be a confusing time because the energy required to keep up with linear time is not consistent with the rate by which it is passing…which ultimately just leaves our heads spinning and our hearts racing. This is why it is becoming so difficult to "schedule" anything because everything seems like it is happening at once. 

Even the season changes feel different somehow…for example, Spring is finally here in the north, the flowers are beginning to break thru the earth, and the sun is getting warmer, yet somehow  it feels like Spring was just here…like winter didn't even happen, even tho I know it was long & grueling.  When I think about the winter we just had,  I can remember the feelings associated with it and how long it seemed, but then when I think about Spring, I am so fully immersed in its presence that winter fades out completely.  Its really does feel like everything is happening at once, but not.  So surreal.

To all of this they say "let go of your attachments to time….cease to resist its passing and you will find yourself more easily aligned with the eternalness of the present." Obviously, this is a lot to ask because most of our reality constructs in 3d are created according to linear and not cyclical time. To let go of the linear time construct threatens to make us all even more reclusive (if that's possible), however, to maintain our equilibrium in this year of incredibly rapid evolution, it will be required that we do so.

We can no longer look to life as something that needs to be accomplished, but as something that begs to be experienced. This is the difference between the old paradigm and the new.  In the new, all that exists, exists because we are co-creating it with greater forces of intelligence and divine timing. Creation does not require a linear format here, so we are learning to jump around and bend with the energies that beckon us thru our hearts and not our minds.

In lieu of setting deadlines, we are better supported here to set time lines...a concept where time moves from event to event and not necessarily in a straight line. The difference is in the flow, the release of mind-made parameters that open to the divine flow of perfection.

The unseens also remind us that a solid way to release ourselves from the compression of linear time is to keep ourselves anchored in the present thru mindful activity.  Activities that keep us focused in our bodies will serve us well this year and prove to be more effective than in times past.  This is because our physical bodies are housing the new frequencies more than ever and therefore the new timeline exists within us, not around us.  To access this state of eternalness, we can consciously make the switch from the external to the internal through body-focused tasks or activities.

To greater love!


P.S.  just a heads up that there is another big sunspot emerging as I write this.  You may be feeling it already with deep fatigue, sudden waves of vertigo and/or mental disorientation, back/neck pain & tightening and muscle fatigue.  If you randomly blow up like a water balloon or feel your body starting to buck in defiance of something, this could be it.

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