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Feb 24 2011 - The Return of the 12th Planet

The Return of the 12th Planet

I received an interesting message the other day, from a group of archangels who I have not yet had the privilege to commune with, and who oversee our planetary/ascension affairs.  They told me that they "come forth to enlighten humanity with regard to a (relatively) unknown celestial body that exists in our SOULar system"....one that they are referring to as "The Twelfth Planet"(including the sun & moon).

They call this planet "Nibiru" and, among other things, they say" its 'return' will have a great influence on the heavenly bodies afore (aka…the other 'known' planets)"…both the inner AND outer worlds (micro/macro).

They joke that there is more to this than meets the eye…but want us to know that Nibiru has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years...is a celestial body composed of similar raw materials that are/have been utilized on earth…and is inhabited by advanced civilizations, similar to our own, but that consciously honor the God/Goddess within and who reveal their true nature as Gods/Goddesses in physical form.

"In the coming days, there will be even greater awareness of the implications of Nibiru's presence in your solar system, and those who have fully reconnected and activated their 12th dimensional human-galactic genetics will be brought into alignment with the energies and beings from this celestial body.  Those who are fully reconnected to their internal light within, the forces of the inner God/Goddess, will have communication with these enlightened beings and those who are open to it, will have the ability to bring forth great technological advancements for the future of planet earth."

On Zecharia Sitchin

Now,  I don't know any more about astronomy than the average 3d grader, so I decided to run a search to see if I could find any evidence of this, even if it was widely regarded as pseudoscience…which, of course, it is at this point…however, there is a lot of information available that ties in directly with what I received from these archangels. That being said…MUCH of the information I found is also laced with the usual 2012 doomsday prophecies, so a word of caution if you venture out into cyberspace in search of this celestial theory.

Like most things, there is usually truth mixed in with the human perception of truth, but from what I can tell, the whole concept of a 12th planet was brought to our modern day awareness by a pretty smart dude named Zecharia Sitchin.  He was a scholar, researcher, historian & American author who wrote several books on human origin and ancient astronauts, much of which was based on his personal translations of ancient Sumerian texts, iconography and symbology (cuneiform).

Ironically, he wrote a book in 1976 called "The 12th Planet" in which he states that the ancient Sumerians believed that "there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune which follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years", and that the beings from this planet, the Nibiruans, not only created the Sumerian culture, but also genetically created/modified human beings as we know them.

Like most pioneering souls, Sitchin's work preceded its time and so it has been ridiculed by mainstream (predominantly left-brained) scientists, historians, and archaeologists, yet, from what I am hearing from these archangels, there is soon coming a clear acknowledgement in conventional scientific communities…which is slated to reveal a breakthru in the quantum sciences as well...that this planetary body does indeed exist, and does indeed affect/impact the magnetism/energies on earth.

On a more philosophical level, I am told that..."The awareness of planet Nibiru's existence will crack open greater vaults of recorded ancient history that will reveal even greater truths to humanity.  The purpose of this revelation is to acknowledge the deep ancient roots of earth's history and to realize that there is much more involved in the creation of the human race than what was once previously known."


What's fascinating to me with regard to this discovery is not so much that there is/could be a new planet in our solar system…I am sure there are plenty-o-planets that we do not have the ability/awareness/technology to identify just yet…but more interesting is the influence that this 'new' planet will have on us humanoids.

I am still integrating the bulk of the information from this transcription, but from what I gather thus far, the ongoing shift in consciousness which is enabling us to move beyond/rise above repeating patterns of karmic creation is partly due to the energetic effects that the planet of Nibiru is having on the surrounding celestial bodies in our solar system.

They say that the yet-to-be-officially-discovered-planet Nibiru is, in large part, responsible for setting the new consciousness course for humanity, and will enable the 12th dimensional field of perceptual reality to be projected into form…a dimension which they refer to as the field of mind-body connection.

Like all planets, this 'new' planet on its way to our awareness is the macrocosmic expression of our microcosmic experience on earth….the 12th dimensional cosmic interplay required for the full integration of spirit into physical form.

As above, so Below

The archangels bring my attention to the interconnectivity of all of life and point out that astrology teaches us that there are 12 fundamental spiritual energies in our universe which seek a physical expression. This expression (where a planetary energy operates or is released in our lives) is accomplished thru 12 zodiac signs, 12 astrological houses and 12 planets.   And just as each of the 12 astrological houses has its own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign... each of our chakras have their own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign. These 12 cosmic/celestial energies…the vital forces of existence... are expressed thru the human body via 12 chakras which connect to the 12 strands of activated DNA in the new-human template, or the original divine-human blueprint...and each of the 12 strands of our DNA correlates to one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness, or perceptual fields of awareness.

So essentially, we are mini-universes unto ourselves…we exist as tiny SOULar systems within the geometric/mathematical framework of a much, much larger SOULar system.

Human experience is the result of the energy exchange between the outer and inner cosmos, realities, or worlds and since the human body and planetary body are of the same energetic design, there is a direct link between the two…meaning no separation exists.

"With the discovery of this new planet comes the 12th dimensional expression of spirituality in physicality... of the divine in form...of mastery thru dedication, education and discrimination…the powerful knowing that comes from working from within the self.  This, our dear friends, is the awakened potential to create heaven on earth…to experience, in physical form, the actual intentions of the divine blueprints of both the human and planetary body. This is the connection that each of you have been working toward, striving for…and it is now the collective experience, rather potential, for each human to actualize."

Final thoughts

"A message to those who are here to create the new world by holding this 12th dimensional awareness (christed-consciousness) within your biological form:

In the coming days, weeks, and months there will be an increasingly more potent force of christed energy that will permeate the entire solar system.  This high vibrational energy, spawned from the photon belt and alignment with the galactic core, will be responsible for the inter-connectivity that some of you are beginning to experience fully.

As you walk forward into the new day, realize that there will be much work to do.  Not the kind of work that requires effort, but the kind of work that requires inspiration, and evokes joy.  We bring this information to you as the forerunners of human destiny, and we watch for your individual and collective participation as planetary stewards, forebearers of galactic consciousness.

Know that only the most purified hearts will be granted access to such divine sorcery, the higher dimensional forces that will soon besiege the planet.  We say to you, the wayshowers…welcome home.  We say to all others who gather here, follow in the wake of the warrior, and you will fair well.  Pray tell."

Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

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