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Sep 3 2010 - OS IV: The Divine-Human Upgrade

A few days ago I was laying on my bed watching some resistance in me rise while thinking about the many years I spent staring at the same spot on my bedroom ceiling...wondering which day and when I would be able to actively participate in my life again. Not to the point of doing what I used to to... because obviously so much has changed for all of us... but to finally be able to put into action the last decade of learning and expansion through the never-ending process of cleaning out our insides. (literally & figuratively)

And now, here we are in another mercury retrograde cycle...  For me personally, this has to be the 18th or 20th retrograde that I have witnessed in the stillness..translation: since I have been banned from living an external life.

A little over a week into this reflective period I got to thinking that this jail sentence has been so much more than "doing time" for us... more realistically, it is has been a process of "releasing time"...which is so ironic because being the observer of our lives (as opposed to participating in them) for so many years has offered us the ability to watch so much condensed history pass us by in such a short period of time... yet, because of our stillness and inability to move forward, we also feel an undeniable sense of no-time... that nothing is moving at all, and the phrase "going nowhere fast" has brought on an entirely new meaning.

During the purification phase of ascension, everyday really is Groundhog Day.  We spin our wheels through the same cycles of polarization, over and again, until we finally jump off the karmic wheel and into our center-point, where we cease to get attached to the energies that derail us.

Oops...back to my story...so, as I was laying there saying my final goodbyes to a life gone by and observing all remaining thoughts and unresolved emotions about being hijacked from human experience, I was greeted by a soul collective that I had never communicated with before. They call themselves, "The Divine Council of Seven".

They shared with me that their divine purpose is to oversee the seven layers of the human energy field during the purification process for those humans who are undergoing their biological transfiguration.

Apparently they are heavily involved in safeguarding us from outside interference and the harshness of the external world during this very sensitive and vulnerable metamorphosis period and they are now wanting to come forth and share some information with us about this ongoing transfiguration into the divine human template.

First of all, I definitely had to look that word up to refresh my Mercury-clouded memory... and here's what I found:


1. a concept in Christianity which is central to the understanding of Christ as joining the human and the divine.

2. a. a marked change in form or appearance; a metamorphosis.

b. a change that glorifies or exalts

The New Operating System

In its most most basic form, the divine human template is rooted in, and motivated by, harmonics. Harmonic resonance is the signature vibration of the 5th dimensional human biological makeup and what many have been and will be transitioning into.

A 5th dimensional operating system does not mean that we are impervious to discordance, it means that we are energetically detached enough to avoid it.  Avoiding the temptation to meddle in discordance will come quite naturally as all systems click perfectly into place.

Our new operating system is designed to function within the realms of oneness which means that any and all access to polarized fields of consciousness can cause great waves of distortion.

The Divine Council is reminding us that the way to exist in an increasingly volatile (purifying) world within a 5D physical framework is to solidify boundaries and use sensation as a guide for discernment. Our physical and biological receptors are becoming so finely tuned that our ability to sense distortion well precedes the experience of it....this is for good reason. To utilize these sensations effectively is to honor our energy body at all times by making choices that are aligned with our highest good.

To fully realize our divine-human potential, the holographic matrix by which we operate must match the frequency of our updated internal operating system...which is located at the base of skull, or cerebellum, and is linked to the 8th chakra...what many refer to as the soul star chakra (and which houses our divine/soul blueprint). For this process to complete itself, there must be a complete restructuring of the framework by which we humans, in a 3d polarized time/space matrix, operate.

Transfiguration is the term the council uses to explain the transition from the 3d human (or the 3d human operating system), to the divine human (or the divine human operating system). This new operating system is designed to pick up and decode the higher dimensional frequencies, translating them into a physical output...the manifestation of our divine intent.

This state by which our body is transfiguring into, is way beyond a normal state of human functioning...it is what they refer to as "human functioning at its most supreme power".

The reason that the process has been so long and arduous is because the transition from one physical state to another is very time and energy consuming...meaning that it requires great concentrations of energy to fulfill the destiny of our divine blueprint.  In a non-physical realm, this energy moves very quickly and shifts are instantaneous, however, while in physical form where energy is denser (and therefore slower), we are required to complete this transfiguration first...in order to fulfill our divine plan in service to the One.

Revving Up & Stabilizing

The seven main energy centers of the human body, the conduits by which we transmit information, have been seriously revving up since the June solstice... rather, they are increasing in spin and simultaneously raising the rate of our personal vibration to match the vibration of the 5th dimensional reality matrices. This increasing energy is presently aligning with our soul plan, or blueprint, and beginning to send large waves of telepathic information to the grid by which we are now beginning to operate from as well as connect to many more members of our soul family.

The process of opening or expanding these seven energy centers to full divine-human capacity is nothing short of miraculous, however, keep in mind that as with all new beginnings there will be temporary set backs and readjustments required to maintain the optimum flow or frequency through our newly updated hardware.  September will be largely about stabilizing this flow.

Akin to a computer upgrade, now that our 5D operating system is downloaded and pumping higher frequency signals to our rewired brain, we must now update all of our software to readjust our focus so that we can clearly see the new world being birthed before us as never before.  Just as with all holographic reality constructs, the ability to see and participate in these fields of intelligence depends solely on our vibrational output.

For the next three weeks we will be continuing to step in and out of these new frequencies and testing the waters in greater concentrations with fuller presence. We will be learning how to consciously expand our energy field and hone our skills at keeping our fields open and grounded as we experiment with some powerful surges of energy that undulate through our bio and morphogenic fields.

The advice we are being given for this is to PLAY!  Play with the new potentials that are beginning to take form, play with the power of our focus, our magnetism and our ability to stabilize ourselves with intention.

Communication Upgrade

This Mercury retrograde period that we are presently wading through is responsible for much of the communication upgrade to our energy field that we are all undergoing.  It is being used to not only ensure that the left and right hemisphere of our brains are working together harmoniously, but it is also ensuring that all seven energy centers of our biofield are fully aligned and communicating with our higher self.

This new communication field will also be responsible for the real-time telepathic exchange with our higher self and will enable full access to our divine blueprint. The divine blueprint, (located in the soul-star chakra), houses the information of all past and future incarnations and is the way station for our higher intelligence. As this reconnection opens more fully, the information from our higher self becomes readily available for the physical co-creation of our soul-genetic plan. This means that not only will we have a pure connection to our higher intelligence, but we will be working within the dimensional fields of fluid creation and will be given the access codes for our divine-human capabilities.

Some of these capabilities include: increased creativity and focus, increased levels of energy and vitality, increased capacity to heal the self (resurrection/regeneration), increased capacity to heal others, increased psychic perceptions & capabilities, increased manifestation skills, increased sensitivity, and the awakening of some dormant gifts yet to be explored or discovered.

Physical Happenings

Although its a very slow process, it's probably a very good sign that I am beginning to receive more and more information about our upcoming physical changes... and there will be changes....but not in the ways that most expect.

The divine human template is apparently designed to alter the human genome and carries with it the intelligence to regenerate our cells at rapid rate. This level of self-healing requires that the physical vessel remains in a state of harmonic accord and that it is fueled by an energetic source greater than its own. What this means is for those completing what the council calls transfiguration, the human body will no longer generate its full power from external sources, but will be self-propelled from a secure connection to our own servers (power-Source).

There will still be the need for basic human functioning at this level of operation, however, I am told that there will be less of a need for external fuel as the body becomes more of a self-sustainable mechanism of physical transport and experience.

I am told that the most notable change in our physicality will be by way of youthfulness. The youthful glowing appearance and capability of the divine human template is a natural byproduct of a fully functioning energy system. If I am hearing this correctly, the new energy feed that sustains us will be nearly tripled in input, and nearly doubled in output and 1/3 of the vital energy supplies from Source will go straight to our biological systems for optimum functioning.

There are many more things to discuss with regard to the new human template, and I will have more to report as we advance into this next level of conscious co-creation.  For now, just know that after all we have been through during the last 3 months, we have definitely turned a corner and when mercury goes direct we will see the some immediate results of our new level programming.

In the meantime we still need to surrender to the stillness knowing that forward movement will soon commence, and allow our bodies to go through the required changes that we are still integrating since the solstice. The council is saying...

"There is so much to learn and so many new things to discover here that we say to you, enjoy your final days of rest!"

Of course, we also have had the usual symptoms related to different aspects of our rewiring this time around...here are some of the more pronounced:

Pineal/pituitary merging, rewiring & reorienting symptoms: dizziness, pain/pressure in back of head and down spine, vision problems, earaches, sinus headaches, migraines, fatigue, neck aches and stiffness, changes in body temperature, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, vivid funky dreams, etc.

Heart opening symptoms: heart palpitations/skipping beats (aligning to new grid), ANXIETY, middle back pain (behind heart) and indigestion/heartburn/acid reflux, nausea, etc.

Grounding symptoms: LOWER BACK ACHING/pulling, leg aches and heaviness, menstrual-type cramps, lower intestinal distress/cramping/detox, bloating, water retention, skin rashes, etc.


See you when Mercury goes direct...

Happy Labor Day weekend to all my American readers!




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