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Aug 25 2010 - The Scalar Wave Craze


I have gotten so many emails since the beginning of the year requesting information about the new scalar wave technologies that are now circling the planet...and with some amazing testimonials... that today I am providing you with a personal invitation to my own two cents.

The most common question I receive is...do they really work?

And tho I too have been very curious about all these revolutionary healing products: scalar pendants, wands, lasers, cards, etc...I was reluctant to write about them without some first hand experience.  In the beginning, however, and with very little research, I found the average price for these doodads a little out of my budget...mostly the lasers... but even the pendants and wands I saw were a bit steep for me.  I also noticed that the bulk of these products were linked to a business opportunity that I was not interested in and so I ended up letting the whole idea go.

But of course, just as our clever little universe would have it, within a few weeks of detaching from all things scalar, I received a delightful email from the founder of GoingScalar.com...Sunny Ariel....inviting me to wax lyrical about these technologies to all of you.

Right away I noticed that her products were not only more affordable than I had seen and that there was no need to get involved in a biz opp, but the pendants she carries were the first I could actually see myself wearing.

The best part?

She gave me an opportunity to test the merchandise!

Now, at the time, I had no idea I would be sharing my personal experiences with all of you...but, after having used these scalar delights for over three months, it now feels like a disservice to NOT share.

Needless to say, I was more than pleased with the results.

What is it?

For those of you who are not familiar with scalar wave energy, in my own words, it is the pure energy of Source...of life...the neutralized non-polar (zero-point) frequency of creation from which all matter is birthed...the proverbial divine clay.

According to the Arcturian collective, scalar energy is a neutrally participating energy wave which alters the state of electromagnetic particles through the properties of resonance, or harmonics. (Scientifically speaking, scalar energy is more field-like than wave-like... and tho it has always existed, it's only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it. )

The unseens also say that these scalar technologies are the result of the zero-point frequency field which is now available and anchored (by way-showers everywhere) into the activated 5th dimensional information grid system surrounding our planet and that these new scalar wave technologies are only the very beginning of the technological boom about to birth on earth.

After having experienced these technologies in my own life, I quickly realized that they are right.

The Pendant

When first received my scalar pendant... which I have accurately nicknamed my "secret amulet"...it serendipitously, or synchronistically arrived in the mail on a day when I was experiencing an excruciating 3d eye opening/ocular migraine.   I remember dragging myself to the mailbox with a bag of ice tied to my head and thought..."no time wasted here...I am going to put this puppy to the test."

As soon as I opened it (here is a pic of the one I was I received and was most drawn to)

I placed the pendant on my forehead and laid down for a nap.

Almost instantly it felt pretty uncomfortable...not painful, but more like an annoying tickle that I wanted to stop...so after a few minutes, I took it off.  Then I tried again for another few minutes... on and off, as I could handle it... and after about 20 minutes I realized I had actually felt relief for the first time that entire day.

As you might imagine, this quickly became my first of many experiments.

Since then I have had such positive results in many different ways, with many different people, but the most pressing for me was with regard to ascension/clearing/detox symptoms, as well as the ability to keep my energy "clean".

What I am NOT Saying

Now, although I can attest to the subtle power of these products, I am NOT saying that they are in any way a miracle cure...or a substitute for any thing else.

What I AM saying is that they noticeably reduce the intensity of symptoms for me, help to stabilize and neutralize my energy field and work to balance energetic disturbances....whether that be from sickness/detox/energy downloads/injuries/energy depletion/low immunity, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the healing power is definitely evident...even my overly-down-to-earth partner has experienced rapid relief and healing from a sports injury...but it does not give us super-powers or take away all our ails with the twirl of a (scalar) wand.  Well, not yet anyway ; ))  I personally feel that we will see many advancements and the power of these technologies increasing in the near future, but for now, these little pendants really pack a punch... especially considering their size.

For those of you familiar with homeopathy..especially constitutional homeopathy...the feeling of scalar energy reminds me of the feeling of a working, well-matched remedy....although milder.

(If interested, you can read more about my personal experiences and others HERE)

And I will also venture to say that now that I have tasted the sweetness of this neutralizing energy and its potential, I would be way more willing to explore the idea of the more-expensive parent of these products...the scalar wave laser!

The Wand

In addition to my secret amulet...(which, btw... aside from its special powers, I was totally drawn to its medieval-ish design)...I was also lucky enough to try out one of those magic (scalar) wands, and though I prefer the pendants to the wands, I definitely could not resist the temptation of playing wizard.

Aside from the occasional failed attempt at Potter's famous levitation charm: "wingardium leviosa", I find the wand to be more directional based in its healing...it has a pin-pointed laser like focus (that you can actually feel if you are sensitive) which I find works well like for things like wounds, isolated injuries/pain, for using it on others, or my favorite...using it on pets!  (although my experience with cats is that they tend to play with the wand like a pen...they can't rationalize why you would twirl this thing around without warranting an occasional swipe in the face)

Some things to Note

Healing crisis possible.  I remember 2 instances where I experienced a bit of a herxheimer reaction.  I was using the wand to relieve some inner-ear pain and after a few minutes of "wanding" (new-age scalar lingo), I definitely had experienced a worsening of symptoms...which eventually led to a clearing...but was not a lot of fun in the interim.  And another time I was using the pendant to relieve some lower back pain and ended up with an intensified root chakra opening that launched me out of bed at 3am.  I think for all you sensitive folk out there like me, its important to temper a balance and work your way into the energy so as not to initiate a healing crisis of sorts.  After getting used to it however, this was a total non-issue.

It is easy to notice the subtle effects of the scalar products when you first introduce them to your bio-field.  After wearing it a while, however, our energy seems to adjust to it and it can be difficult to notice its impact. (especially if you wear it 24/7 like me) Interestingly,  my pendant recently took a nose-dive on a marble floor and smashed into 50 pieces : ((  and since I have been without it, I have definitely noticed a decline in balance, productivity and energetic stability. So my advice is if you get one of these and start NOT-noticing its effects...take it off for a day or two and then reintroduce it to your energy field.  Most likely you will quickly re-member why you fell in love with it to begin with.

I am pretty stoked to share that Sunny, from GoingScalar.com, has been generous enough to offer a free Nano Energy Credit Card (note: great for putting under your dinner plate : )) with every scalar product purchase for my readers only.  To redeem, she says to simply enter the code TWYH where it says "Add special instructions to merchant" on your paypal order page.

Lastly, I have become a scalar fan, and so have many of my friends and family...but I want to hear about YOUR experiences, so please come back and share your healing stories if you decide to purchase any scalar products or if you are already using them.  I will keep the comments open indefinitely on this post for that reason.  I know there are tons of testimonials out there (and there is also plenty of research you can do) but I am looking to gather information from this community specifically and hopefully to aid in spreading information about something that I feel will be a great boon to the planet and all living things.

Looking forward to your feedback...and a quick shout out to Going Scalar...thank you Sunny : ))



Have you heard?  I'm COACHING again!

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