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Feb 8 2011 - Greasing the Gears

Greasing the Gears

The potent equinoctial energies are beginning to softly bathe the planet (and our light bodies) with the frequencies of change and we are starting to feel the first signs of re-birth as Spring (in the northern hemisphere) approaches.

The sun feels noticeably different and is starting to slowly rekindle our desires to make manifest those aspects of ourselves which we have long nurtured.  We are beginning to sense, and even see, the first signs of our new lives that we have long-known would arrive.

In the northeast, we are still surrounded by unreasonable piles of snow reminding us that winter is still solidly our reality, yet, the passionate life force within is beginning to bubble up as the last of our mental clutter and emotional baggage drop off to make way for our shiny new selves that are begging to bust out of those restrictive cocoons.

Yes, the new world is here, and tho some of us are revving up and raring to go explore our new "home", we will need to enter and journey thru it in stages. The first of which will require greasing our rusty gears (read: joints) to enable forward movement after many years of a sedentary life of stillness.

Becoming Unhinged

Since my last energy update...which was only a week ago!…and compliments of the recent new moon in Aquarius, we have ventured thru some profound transformations which are only now beginning to surface in our conscious minds. Time is clearly quickening and as a result, we are now able to make more sense of what this new world will be like and how to operate from within it. We are more noticeably able to break free from the shackles that bound us to an outworn existence and this is gifting many with the new perspectives needed to release ourselves from our limitations once and for all.

We have been fastidiously reclaiming our power as conscious co-creators of our human destiny to prepare for this next phase of planetary ascension, and this is calling up some deep wounds and blockages that we have recently been called on to face. Luckily, we can move thru the goo at warp speed now, enabling us to clear in hours what used to take us weeks or even months to overcome. Fears of our capability, power and skillful mastery abound as we ground even deeper into the unknown, yet beneath those fading illusions of insecurity is a sense of certainty in our next steps…even if we have no idea what those steps are.

You may be noticing these changes in small ways, like for example, your reactions to things that once bothered you may be changing or even evaporating as we begin to see life thru more wholistic eyes. As we are able to see more of our world with the expanded views now possible, we are simultaneously propelled out of the trenches of 3d and into new and unexpected opportunities that are aligned with our new way of thinking and being…and this is just the beginning.

Another aspect of unhinging ourselves from the remaining fetters of karma is the arrival of many completions. This month, and into the equinox, many endings will finalize and/or completely dissolve…relationships, partnerships, careers, businesses, relocations, long-standing health concerns, legal/financial matters, etc. We will also see the physical parting of some loved ones... in our own lives, and of course in the masses as well. The March equinox period is a powerful time of transition and as always, there will be those choosing to use these exit points to continue their journeys elsewhere.

For the most part, the endings in our lives should be relatively obvious and for many, these are the physical completions that we have been working to tidy up since the beginning of 2010, and in some cases, for many years. Anything that has been blocking our potential or serving as an energy drain will be removed and/or replaced with a higher-vibrational match this year, and especially in the next 6-8 weeks.

In my own life, I am seeing parts of this manifest as the finalization of an 18 month bankruptcy process that, according to my lawyer, was only going to take 3-6 months to complete…and the result of which brought many unexpected "miracles" that I barely thought were possible. To journey from foreclosure and seeing my house go up on public auction... all the way to a new "fair" market-value mortgage with a great rate and affordable payments...without my active participation...was just a mind-blowing process to behold...and the fact that divine timing was at the helm is now so completely obvious.

These seemingly miraculous conclusions to our life's quandaries can now be expected and are the physical representations of our soul's expedition from powerlessness to empowerment….of taking full responsibility for our past (unconscious) creations and having the courage to live those out in a fully conscious way, and without wavering in our ability to recreate our destiny.

Those of the warrior brigade have learned thru various hard core lessons/experiences how to effectively stand in our soul integrity...regardless of our individually dismantling worlds...and command the outcome of our heart's desire.  Against all odds.

Sometimes this meant the extremes…like learning thru life-threatening illness, going without food, heat, or in some cases, a place to live.  For others the learning came in the form of traveling the path alone, without a soul companion or temporarily parting from our one true love for the purpose of breaking our hearts wide open so that we could heal the perceived separation within ourselves in order to become whole again.

Sometimes the lessons were less extreme, like enduring criticism and judgement from our loved ones...having to go without, when deeply we know we are genetically wired to have it all...having to hide our knowingness for fear of condemnation...having to travel with Ho-Ho's for those sudden uncontrollable hunger bouts...having to shield ourselves from most of the outside world and constantly use discernment in order to survive the raw, vulnerable states of metamorphosis, etc.

In all cases, the impossible was demanded of us, our weaknesses were called out and we were forced to face our most daunting fears… regardless, we went forth willingly (albeit kicking and screaming) to sow our soul's seeds knowing that our call to mastery was always our first priority.

In this next phase, those bulldozing, path-paving, trailblazing, pioneer souls who have come full circle will be given the opportunity to come unglued from the past in major ways so that we are free to co-create our new world, set the example for the next wave, and live according to our new (purified) desires.  Our time has come.

The First Steps

As with all endings, new beginnings are always right around the bend, and we are finally beginning to feel the new energies of expanded potential slowly seep into our awareness, promising to reinvigorate us with new life, new passion, and a renewed sense of purpose. It is becoming increasingly more clear that all things are possible, even if in small doses.

In between the moments of physical agony and debilitating fatigue, we are being gifted with the first tiny trickles of divine inspiration that we have been begging for since October. This means that we are on our way to breathing new life into many of those projects that have been dead in the water, waiting to be infused with a dose of our new-level awareness…especially any projects initiated at the June/July eclipse period of 2010.

This also means new relationships of all kinds will be surfacing as well as the conception of new, unexpected projects, pregnancies, partnerships, and exciting soul-inspired adventures. As we come to fully understand ourselves as essential parts of the whole of creation, we will also learn to recognize those others who are on the same vibrational wavelength so that we may come together in sacred union to create new worlds, new visions and with a greater understanding of our new-human capacity to love.

Mental Repositioning

For most of the autumn and early winter (in the north), we were undergoing an intensive rewiring and recalibration of our mental bodies to align with the new (unity) timeline which, for the most part, meant floundering around helplessly thru months of mental confusion. For me specifically, this was pure hell considering my j-o-b is to make "mental sense" of what I am hearing/sensing/intuiting in order to report it to you. Now however, and since the massive magnetic pole shift in December, we are (finally) coming on-line again…mentally at least..and for many, this means a brand new relationship with thought.

We've always been taught that what we focus on becomes our world and this will be WELL-evidenced beginning this year. Once we merge the divine masculine/feminine energies within ourselves and can operate from the balanced point of sacred union, we are finally in a position to properly Think With Our Hearts. Proof of this integration is represented in our ability to utilize our body's full intelligence systems…our brain and our hearts…in balanced harmony.

The balance of our cognitive understanding and ability to process, decipher and direct higher intelligence with our sensorial/feeling-based directives is what determines our ability to transcend the emotional body and create from the limitlessness of zero-point neutrality. This is the switch from causal to resonance creation that many will be learning to master beginning this year.

The Pleiadians share with me that true resonance creation is becoming possible because the new (unity) timeline is now fully live, so to speak…the grid has been activated and will increase in capacity with the growing number of awakening and newly born souls who are/have been genetically modified (thru the ascension process) to work within this crystalline grid structure…the template for the new earth.

And as a result, those who have transcended their karmic blueprint (aka, done the necessary soul work/biological purification), "will have the focus of learning and understanding the new navigation system in the yet-unknown territory that you now fully stand in. This means a lot of things, but the most important of all is that you will be hooked into a different stream of creation…one by which your mental capabilities will be key." -PHC

In other words, once we transcend the karmic laws of polarity, we become subject to the laws of higher consciousness, the law of one-being-in-action, which requires that our mental capabilities be clear and sharp so that we can create from the mind in a balanced and (emotionally) unobstructed way. We are just beginning to learn what this really means and how to navigate this new territory while relying on our upgraded GPS to guide us without external assistance. From what I can sense, come the equinox, the training wheels come off. By the solstice, we will be pushed out of the proverbial nest to see how well we fly.

This means that all those things that we learned thru our own metamorphosis process, and thru the many years of inner-stillness, must soon be applied thru action…"and we say this not to overwhelm or dissuade you, but to inform you that the learning curve was steep and you have done immeasurably well…but now is the time to forge onward, to create and recreate, to play and perform mastery, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to lead your fellow hu-man to victory."-The Spiritual Hierarchy

Saying Goodbye to a Life Gone By

As we prepare to take the next step and ground even deeper into our new lives & bodies, it is common to experience the rumblings of emotional eruptions from within. These eruptions may cleverly disguise themselves as intense bouts of anger, frustration or anxiety, but can ultimately provide the impetus needed to crack open a geyser of tears that could flood an ocean.

This build up of emotion can powerfully serve to propel us out of a rut if we are feeling stuck and it is also common to experience these waves of release during the temporary mourning process that often precedes/follows a major bump up to a new level of consciousness. This is the feeling of loss often associated with a deeper level of ego/personality death and what always brings us into closer alignment with our true selves.

If you are still in the anger/frustration/depression phase, be patient with your process...this will eventually give way to the release of all that pent up energy and free you to move beyond the entrapment of woulda, coulda, shoulda, and all the regrets of a life gone by.

Remember, as soon as we love ourselves fully, we are no longer afraid to be true. This is when life begins, when we deeply realize that the life we lived to get here was only practice.

Will there still be bumps in the road?

Of course!

But luckily, where we're going... we won't need roads ; ))

To coming unstuck...


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