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Jul 27 2010 - The Active Death Zone-Doorway To The Other Side

In the last energy update I mentioned that July 26th was a powerhouse of a portal and that we are approaching the end of the end.  Today, the unseens are adding that the whole week is a powerhouse...that we are journeying through a very important (translation: challenging) week and that if we are aware of what is transpiring, the journey to the other side will be much easier to travel.

"For those who understand this passage fully, this can be a time of great release and purification. Let yourself feel the expansion and freedom of the present moment knowing that all is exactly perfect in your world." -Pleiadians

Apparently this week is a ginormous passage and one that will result in great expansion coupled with the completion of many wayward elements of our past.

We are seemingly in what feels like an active death zone.

Similar to a physical death, and right before rebirth, we must first release all emotional attachments to get to the other side where love will abound in greater measure. Because of this necessary detachment process, this week we are being "encouraged" (aka: forced) to let go of any and ALL expired elements and remaining attachments so we can fully access the next level of our personal creations.

This basically means that whatever we are still holding on to will be in our face this week showing us exactly what we need to neutralize in order to pass go. The unseens are calling this passage a check point of sorts, designed with the purpose of stripping us of anything left that is not authentic and true.

So no, it's definitely not looking like an easy week, but a necessary and divinely ordered one in order to pass over from this life to the next. The one thing we do have going for us seems to a be well-designed protective field of apathy that is enabling us to transition with some semblance of stability. Kind of like we are emotionally unplugged from a life that is ending so we can plug into the one that is beginning.

Because of this emotional disconnect...and since the full moon on Sunday...you may be suddenly dealing with some major fears or unresolved emotional issues, but while somehow able to maintain balance, peace and objectivity.  A welcomed gift if you ask me.

I also think this is what the Spiritual Hierarchy was referring to in the last transmission when they said:

"The realization of this momentous event can be heralded through your subtle, but growing ability to stabilize in these incoming and unprecedented frequencies as you find the increasing capacity to remain in a state of emotional calm, despite the intensity that surrounds you at this time."

How to Pass Go

With detachment always comes the need for great mental discipline. Not that we will be tested persay, but we will need to pull this well-honed tool out of our arsenal of spiritual supplies to help us transition with the greatest ease possible.

Much of our lives we have been running from that which causes us pain, allowing ourselves to remain in a state of paralysis from our fears and now...through this powerful gateway (and tons of soul work)... we finally have the opportunity to free ourselves from these expired energies and fully realize our potential to create despite the many external circumstances that threaten to derail us.

And that is what this week will be for...to test our skills in holding our center despite those deep emotional triggers that will come up for us to deal with (if they haven't already).  If we can achieve this, if we can walk through this VERY narrow doorway, fully present and completely void of an agenda, we will experience a major shift on many levels.

How to Deal

I am being given 3 key requirements to pass through this gateway with ease:

1) Let go, let go, let go...then let go some more. Anything that keeps you emotionally bound will challenge you greatly.

2) Stay Present. Allow yourself to find and keep the mental space required to surrender fully into each moment. If you slip into past (woulda, coulda, shoulda) or future (what if?) thinking, you will be met with great suffering. Stay with each moment as it arrives.

3) Allow what is to BE... without resistance. Free yourself of dross by realizing that all is perfectly well in this and every moment. Release yourself of the responsibility (attachment) of all others while fully understanding that their path is unique to them as yours is to you.

Above all, we are being urged to remember that to complete this journey, there is only one thing left that is required of us...full presence in love.

This passage is all about BEing...being free, being clear, being present, being authentic, being love.

After so many years of purifying, love is really all that is left and all that we will take with us...but not love in the form of attachment, love in the form of true freedom.  This week will ensure that we are well equipped to completely let go in love.

And if ever it was mandatory to listen to your inner guidance, that time is definitely now!

"Release your fears, release your worries, release your guilt, release your feelings of incapability. You are being guided through this with the utmost care and protection and if you love yourselves fully and completely, this gateway will open wider than the heavens to welcome you home!"

See you on the other side...



Have you heard?  I'm COACHING again!

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