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Jun 8 2010 -The 5D Operating System

The advanced processors for the new-human template that the pioneers of new consciousness spent so many years building, has just completed its installation of the latest 5D operating system upgrade and is now online and activated at a fully functioning level.

And although you may be feeling some positive changes in your auric field and physical body, we have not completely adjusted to the new frequency functions that these advanced processors will carry out.

This means there will still be periodic calibrations (especially throughout the month of June) which...like every upgrade... requires us to maintain the new frequency bandwidth for an extended period of time before our physical body can adjust to, and synchronize with, the new information streaming into our energy field. Tempering a balance is still very important as you may feel a pull to the extremes until we have fully stabilized.

The old processor & operating system that we upgraded from recognized and ran duality based-programs...concepts based in isolated, separated & polarized extremes. Our new processor operates on the frequency of zero-point, scalar wave & unity concepts.

This means that those who have completed the vibrational upgrading, rewire and data transfer from separation-based programming to unity-based programming, are now aligned, in position and ushering in the new era of peace through the physical form.  This also means that many will be placed at the forefront of society and in positions of influence so that the realization of global change cannot only be heard & fully understood, but implemented.

For those who have not completed the upgrading and rewiring necessary to activate the new-level processor, there will be ample opportunities to do so in the upcoming days, months and years.  As always, all is perfectly timed and planned for.

Soul Embodiment

So yes...the physical body has certainly been undergoing some bewildering and miraculous changes as it switches from carbon-based to crystalline.  These changes, though slow and extremely uncomfortable, have resulted in the formation of the new-human template...the activated and embodied divine blueprint of physical perfection.  And by perfection, I mean the ability to function in higher frequencies with little to no distortion, and with the dexterity & deftness to withstand and navigate the new energies deliberately and with effectiveness.

Many are now approaching a final landing of sorts... meaning, arriving at deeper soul embodiment, inhabiting more of our true essence than ever before.  This reconnection to our Source of power means having the full support of the new earth to guide us to each and every destination point on our new journey with connectivity, grace and ease.

The connection between both bodies (new human & new earth) is nearly inseparable now, which means that those fully aligned with the new earth grid will be utilizing these new potent, creative energies in tandem with the earth.  The new earth template is also activated and pulsating with the same bandwidth as the integrated human, which essentially means that the new earth and the new earth human operate effectively as one.

In other words, we are becoming an embodied extension of this higher-dimensional planetary system which means we are one and the same... capable to wield the same power as & with an entire celestial body.  The phrase..."you are a universe unto yourself"...aptly applies here.

The Makeup

The physical makeup for the new-human template is one of energetic neutrality, which encourages e-motion-al stability and can withstand the "test of time".  It is a self-regulated, self-healing system which adjusts and adapts to its surroundings by way of keeping the physical form in a continual state of homeostasis.

The physical healing and resurrection process that many have undergone, or are completing, will be a quantum breakthrough with regard to human sciences.   Spurred by connectivity to scalar wave (zero-point) frequencies, this radical healing will be studied in depth by scientists.

Because of what many of us have accomplished through our physical and divine transformation, we will be assisting the entire study of science in it's shift from linear to quantum, from "test & experiment" to "proof and experience."

Transition Zone

As I mentioned in the last energy update, the transition period between May and July is one of great importance and monumental transformation... personally, collectively and globally.

The importance of this period as it pertains to the individual is two-fold...it represents both the ending of a journey, as well as the beginning of a new level of life.

On a collective level...it represents the changing of society from duality based systems to integrated systems of holism.

And finally, on a global level...it represents the shift from planetary consciousness to galactic consciousness.

This means that while some are stepping fully into the light of union with Source, others will be propelled into the proverbial dark night and will therefore be in great need of, and actively searching for...the light.

The reason we are being given this information is to remind those who are stepping into leadership roles that you will have a great hand in assisting these rapidly awakening souls to find their center as you maintain the living example of soul integration.  This will be your time to shine brightly as many are beginning to now see, and at least partially ascertain the new light codes.

People in general are going to begin reacting to the new, holistic-human in various ways. We will notice that many who are "seemingly" steeped in the fear-matrix suddenly take interest in our thoughts and ideas and will genuinely desire to know more about our way of being and loving in the midst of so much global devastation and chaos.

I am hearing that this is only the very beginning of our influence on the world and there will be much for us to learn, experience and explore in these limitless fields of potential over the next seven years.

A Clarion Call

Lastly, a quick shout-out to those fully activated humans with purposes to serve in areas of environmental technologies...

You are now going to be in great demand.

The shift into the new era that is bringing the new paradigm leaders to the fore, is the same energy that is precipitating global catastrophes in industries that are in dire need of vibrational upgrading.

Those who have the understanding & development of quantum technologies will be highly sought after and soon revered for your insights.  For this group of souls I am loudly hearing..."heed your inner call."

Stay tuned for upcoming discussions regarding the new human blueprint and its futuristic capabilities!

Until then...Lauren


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