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Jan 11 2011 - 2011 Stepping Up & Out

2011 Stepping Up & Out

"We would like to congratulate the warrior brigade for your collective emergence into true, authentic beings of light. The year of 2011 is one where those of actualized, authentic spiritual descent will be emerging as the risen leaders of the new paradigm…those who will be followed to the new day." -Pleiadian High Council

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that we made it to 2011?  I seriously remember thinking in 2006…"how will we ever get through another year of this"…let alone five more.  DOH

For all you path-pavers and pioneers of the new timeline... granted, it's been pretty odd to calculate the journey to now with the increasing compression of time...but somehow, someway, we all made it here together in one collective piece (checks all ten fingers and toes). The last decade+ of consciousness expansion happened so incredibly fast, yet morbidly slow…it seems like yesterday was a lifetime ago, but went by in an instant.

And tho most of the journey to this point was akin to running waist high in mud, if we look back at the contrast of who we were before we naively embarked on our soul travails, its mind-blowing to see, feel and comprehend the rate and result of our personal evolution thus far. (And nothing highlights this contrast like a Christmas visit with family...yikes) On a personal level, its surreal to think that I started writing about this stuff in my twenties…and now I am like 88…in dog years. Feels like we have lived 20 lifetimes in the last ten…weeks.

Tho time is getting increasingly more janky by the hour…and will speed up like 20 fold for the masses this year…things will begin to level out for each of us, individually, as we are personally able to break thru to new ground. Once we snap into place…meaning, align our hearts/minds (merge male/female), the feeling of time rushing past us, or gasping to catch up to ourselves and our lives, will cease to exist…in fact, when we are fully operating from the space of no-time, we will ironically have more control over time than we ever knew possible. More on that below.

What's to come?

Though really there is no such thing as prediction anymore (since we are creating everything from here on out), I am hearing that 2011 will be a year of rapid transformation for many…a year of physically dividing ourselves from all that no longer serves us as we move more deeply and rapidly into the flow of all good things.

Up until now, our transformations have been, for the most part, internal. In 2011, we begin to traverse a new era thru the consciousness of co-creation... the complete alignment of all four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical) enabling the full descent of our spiritual mastery into form, and resulting in the outward manifestations of our inward transformations. This means that this year it becomes absolutely vital and essential that our thoughts are clear and in alignment with who we really are and what we really want.

Since the eclipses, we are definitely in new (unknown) territory…THE space required to be all we came here to be and to do all we came here to do. But we still have some inner/outer aligning and integrating to do (most likely until the March equinox) before this becomes totally clear to us.  That said, we will begin to see big chunks of our new lives come into plain view and land in perfect alignment starting mid-January, if they are not already apparent to you.

That unbelievably powerful eclipse sandwich portal that blasted us out of our past for good created a massive separation between our old identity and our new sense of trueness. You may not even recognize yourself in relation to that person you were even 6 weeks ago and thru relentless self-questioning and re-questioning you may have many more realizations and clarity that are supporting your confidence to be who you truly are now.

The chasm created from the eclipse period was to prepare us to redirect our focus to our new life and roles, which meant embracing more of our true selves and leaving behind some of those things that we either "thought" we would be doing, or at the very least it forced us to take an objective look at what is real and what we really want to bring with us into the new.

Most of us have built a solid portion of our foundation for our new lives, however, in some cases the last 6 weeks may have forced you to tear down and rebuild portions of it. This may have been jolting, however, it will be well worth the struggle in this brand new reality we are just beginning to figure out.

At 4am this morning, the Pleiadians said to me: "if your life was about to become all that you've ever dreamed of, what would you need to do right now to prepare yourself?  This is where your focus needs to be"

Tho I am still processing this colossal question, my feeling is that these preparations...whatever is left in our lives to resolve or set up...is paramount to our successful take-off...that any undone details will inhibit our ability to fly.

In addition to the extensive self-nurturing and receiving that our bodies still need, we are also being urged to apply the masculine energy of structure, discipline and organization in our lives... to tighten up the ship and fully anchor our foundations so that we are ready to freely set sail. This is not the fun stuff, it's hard work, but we need to have it all balanced and in place for our future…even if we can't see all of what's on the other side of this yet.

The good news is that our hearts (feminine) have become so finely tuned and in equal power with our nearly pulverized will (masculine) that it is easier now to determine where we need to put our energy and when, and to take inspired action when prompted. As well, we have become acutely aware of what we absolutely must have in our lives so we can effectively and quickly weed out all that we do not want.

Stepping Up

All of these tireless growing pains…especially the last 3 months...are not without their rewards. Though 2010 was a very sobering year of internal and external realizations and expansion, the most important thing that it provided for us was the ability to strip away any/all pretense and to become, without exception, exactly who we came here to be. This year it will be like we have completely unzipped ourselves from all that we thought we were so we can step up to who we really are.

Yes, this year we will all have our "Tootsie" moments where we will pull off our wigs and expose ourselves to the world in our truest form. This will probably be nothing like we expect, but it will stem from the inability to hide or remain inauthentic in any way. This coming out process has been happening slowly over many years…both in the macro & the micro... but in 2011 it will be more obvious than ever. It has been a never-ending work in progress to feel safe enuf to become more transparent, to allow ourselves to be seen with all our perfect imperfections, and to give our transparency a voice. Now, we literally have no choice left but to be true to ourselves, to engage our full potential, or suffer the contrasting backlash in an instant and brutal way.

The necessity of becoming authentic has been circling us like sharks the last two months...especially as it pertains to our passion, purpose, and potential. We got hit with a MASSIVE wave of energy that served to clear out some last minute goo in preparation for our new year. The lunar to solar eclipse wormhole period served to sandblast any remaining vestiges of our ego-identity so that we could become purer, clearer reflections of our YOUniqueness as we prepare to direct much more of our focus and energy into our new earth creations.

It's time to step up. Our roles are changing to adapt to the new frequencies and tho this meant many grueling weeks of unplugging, upgrading and fine-tuning, it will result in our ability to emerge and remain fully aligned as we step out into the world…to find our most authentic voice and muster up the courage to use it.

Stepping Out

"The moment that each of you decided to put forth your focus into physicality was the moment that you decided to take part in the greatest evolutionary leap in human consciousness." -PHC

In the coming days of this final year of transformation (the 9th and final level of consciousness according to the Mayan Calendar that will commence around February/March of 2011 and conclude on October 28, 2011), and prior to the heralded galactic gateway freeing earth thru the completion of this evolutionary cycle, those who have been prepping themselves to lead the planet and her people to the 5th dimension will be doing so en masse. This means that those who are activated and aligned with the new timeline will be stepping into roles of active service (play)…putting forth our authentic voices and reclaiming our power to lead by example.

This means one thing in particular: time to walk our talk.

"...those who have become the fine-tuned masters of their inner world will be displaying many new gifts and traits now in your outer world. Those fully connected to their inner guidance systems will be strongly urged to come together with others of like mind & vibration to support the teachings of new earth changes for those who are still following any source outside of themselves...for they will begin to awaken to the truth within this year, and will begin seeing new ways of understanding that will be more aligned with the 5th dimensional ways of the heart." -PHC

Many reading this are here to teach in some way but keep in mind that teaching will take many different forms which include: personal action, writing, speaking, creativity, art/film/media, science and even applications of interactive unconditional love (acts of kindness) will be inspirational teachings in action.

"Those of you who have always gravitated toward the arts and creation sciences will be longing to reconnect to your roots…to your inner foundation that has been recovered through your personal ascension process. Those of you who have always gravitated toward the social, public and political sciences will also be drawn to reconnect to your origin plan thru the activation of your specifically encoded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which is programmed with your individual source code…the original intention of your soul spark for these momentous times." -PHC

In other words, as of the eclipse sandwich, we are now ready to activate our next-level of service and highest purpose as participants in the new timeline of 5th dimensional creation.

What does this mean?

All kinds of things yet unknown to us as well as those things we have been consciously working toward….things that we will create based on our new clarity and higher level understanding as fully integrated divine/galactic-humans exploring and implementing our new-human capabilities. This year we will be engaging in the gifts and grace of spirit in form as we collectively reroute human consciousness to a higher level of potential and possibility.

In earth terms, this means that we will finally have the energetic means to support our long-held intentions, the capabilities of our fully actualized GOD-self as we bring forth the full essence of our soul's desires in physical form. As we step into greater life roles, we will be spending the year honing our skills at maintaining balance in the fields of unity/oneness.

This balance comes strictly from heart-centering…aligning ourselves with our feeling-based knowing at all times, regardless of the outside world. As we do this, as we are non-wavering in our ability to remain neutral to outside events and turbulent circumstances, so too do we exhibit the example required to lead others to peace, to harmony and to the expanded state of awareness required to ascend beyond the dimensions of polarity.

The Pleiadian High Council brings this to our attention for the purpose of clearer understanding of our roles as way-showers, that we are here to lead others through our centeredness, non-reaction and peaceful understanding of the many shifts and resulting circumstances yet to come. In most cases, we will not be required to do or be anything other than we already are... for we are all that is required already.

New Understanding of Time/Space

Our relationship to time is/has been changing for quite some time but now scientists are beginning to discover that time itself is changeable and therefore, malleable. This discovery will lead to many new advances in technology beginning this year that will revolutionize our world…mostly by way of industry. For the next decade or so, this branch of science will be highly studied and will offer humanity the proof required to move into a new understanding of time and space and how it relates to our personal and collective evolution.

Up until this particular point in time, humans have understood evolution only by way of a linear timetable…that is to say: past, present & future. From this understanding we grew to learn that evolution required the passage of time. The fifth dimension is not spatial, nor is it temporal. Rather, it is a dimension that brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and eternal…so from 5D "upward", time in relation to evolution is no longer required and human beings who have moved beyond the confines of karmic (polarity-based) creation will be capable of quantum changes that are vibrational in nature…where energy is proportional in magnitude to frequency.

In a non-polarized 5D matrix/unity timeline we can see the inter-connectivity between all things, so evolution takes place collectively… beyond the confines of the self-defined ego, which is in relationship to itself, and where a group or collective understanding of love, life and goals must be harmonized.

Since the spiritual, or ascension path involves disconnecting from our ego/personality traits, naturally, those with an understanding of this energy/science will consciously move forward into the new day with greater ease, joy and anticipation, while those without this understanding may spiral into confusion and fear thru the perceived threat and loss of personal identity. Again, it will be for way-showers...those who understand, who have actualized their visions...to lead the way for humanity. (no pressure : ))

A Word from Our Sponsor

"Welcome to the era of co-creation! This is an era of collectively defined and accepted values toward the greater good…an era of understanding the needs of the whole thru the nourishment and development of each individual. This is the era of creating through the power of intent which is bound by the universal laws of attraction and reciprocity...a time when all things are possible, not by sheer will alone, but by universal and vibrational consent. This is the moment of truth…of stepping so fully into your authentic selves that you fail to see anything beyond what is real and true.

For those of you who will be joining in the shared resources of the 5th dimension, we say to you…welcome home! We have been waiting a long "time" for you!

We are the Pleiadian High Council, and with deep abiding love, we look forward to joining with you on your new crusade to even greater understanding. "

To our next, first steps!


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