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Dec 10 2010 - Reorienting to the New Timeline

Holy cow…I don't even know where to begin. I am still screwing my head on straight, so please bear with me as I try to use words again.

I guess I will open with this:

November left us for dead.

If you have been feeling like you are suddenly back at the very beginning of your journey again, experiencing the same situations/sicknesses/emotional entanglements/financial hardships/etc... take heed. Some heavy goo has been kicked up the last 40 days and 40 nights… and if you were as deep in it as I was, no doubt you spent most of those on your back (all I can say is…thank gawd for the new season of Housewives...and all other mindless Bravo brain fodder for that matter).

From the very end of October and thru the entire month of November we endured such a legendary disconnect period that for the first time ever, I was not sure if I would still be writing these updates when we emerged on the other side. I mean, we have certainly plowed thru  p l e n t y  of void periods over the last decade or so, but November brought the whole concept next level…to the point that I was unable to hear, feel, think, sense or intuit anything outside of my physical reality…which was also very bleak, mind you. It was like the universe just dropped us off in the middle of the forest, left us to our own human devices, and without so much as a pack of matches, a GPS or an US weekly.

Personally, I was completely reduced to a toddler-like-state with a month long temper tantrum…vacillating between flipping off the forces that be, and quivering in my pillow to the tune of: "I want my mommy". If I didn't have abandonment issues prior to ascension, I definitely do now. My extreme child-like resistance to this punishment...a month without a purpose…was completely laughable to anyone who witnessed me, but soooooo not funny. I just could not get away from myself…everywhere I went, there I was.

In a word…brutal. In two words…upyoursmuthafatha god.

Luckily, since the new moon last Sunday, there is a very different vibe slowly leaking into the earth plane and we are reconnecting again while adjusting to this new space we are now inhabiting...albeit a little lighter. Well, still fat, but with less emotional encumbrances.

The Disconnect

So what gives?

First of all, I had to call in the big guns for back-up this time around, otherwise I would have never gotten this update out...so this blogcast is officially brought to you by three separate sponsors: the Andromedan Collective, the Pleiadian High Council and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I needed all the help I could get to make some sense of the nightmare we just lived through and from what I can gather, (if you weren't forced to push the eject button) November offered us two things :

1) An emotional upgrade…the loss of more of our ego-created selves so that we can inhabit more of our authentic self and live directly from the heart. Loss = mourning, so if you spent the last month crying over spilled milk, welcome to the hormonally imbalanced. We are mourning the loss of more outdated aspects of ourselves (those things that we thought we would be, do or have in this lifetime, but didn't) which of course can also create a fleeting identity crisis leaving us vulnerable and skinless…pervious to all lower forms of energy and feeling as though we have no protection from societal forces of harshness. We are slowly coming out of a very inward period where even getting the mail may have felt like torture.

This sloughing-off included everything from releasing played-out relationships & responsibilities to shedding more preconceived ideas of who we thought we were and what we thought we were here to contribute... and everything in between. The reconnection of this higher level, heart-based intelligence required an extensive rewire and manifested as a zombie-like state, a complete lack of interest in living…not even so much an interest in dying, just an overwhelming indifference to life... and of course with a side dish of physical misery to boot.

This disconnect period may have surfaced in a myriad of ways for you but the most obvious symptom of the void is that it is difficult-to-impossible to feel good or connected to anything in any realm.

Some common side effects are as follows: disinterest in our passions, purpose, potential, projects, creativity, all those things we normally enjoy, etc...the inability to connect to our higher guidance... financial hardship/sluggishness...lack of desire to care for/nurture our bodies/exercise/eat well (even the foods we eat seem tired and unappealing)…feeling constantly dissatisfied yet not knowing how to feel fulfilled/can manifest as hunger that won't go away even after a meal, unsatisfying sleep, etc…wanting/needing to be alone and feeling relentlessly fatigued.

These periods are some of the most difficult to navigate on the ascension journey, but the undeniable truth is, they eventually and always bring us to a higher and better-feeling place. Even when we don't think we will survive it, and we have absolutely convinced ourselves that we are completely delusional and that nothing good will ever come of sacrificing a decade or two of our lives …something beautiful and amazing always pops thru…and just in the nick of time.

2) On a physical level, we have been undergoing some MASSIVE etheric reconstructive brain surgery…some of which is still "bleeding" into December and will not be complete until the beginning of January as we find our new footing and try to make sense of this new reality we are adjusting our focus to. If you have been experiencing a literal inability to focus or make cognitive sense of things (what I call left-brain dead), or an unusual amount of spinning/dizziness/vertigo/loss of balance/eye issues/burning, itching & watery eyes/spaciness and/or sinus headaches & migraines...most likely its related to this upgrade.

This extensive brain rewiring manifested as the result of joining polarized spiritual forces within the 6th and 7th chakras (pituitary/pineal glands)... the blending of the divine feminine and masculine energies that are fully responsible for our entrance and focus (hence vision issues) into galactic consciousness via the higher mind. The Andromedans reassure us that this recalibration period was quite an extraordinary event, and one that completes the release from karmic re-creation…the universally heralded and perceptual "shift of the ages".

As we reorient ourselves to the new timeline and our physical bodies begin to harmonize with the new frequencies, we will begin to see, feel, and experience new dimensional patterns based in a higher reality construct. The secrets once hidden from our mortal sight will become available to us and our vision will become keener... our perceptions, more profound.

In other words, the shift from November to January is a deeply physical one and is resulting in our reconnection to unity consciousness and divine love. In fact, I am told that November was primarily a biological restructuring period and one that required us to be completely unplugged from our current level of consciousness so that we could be reoriented to the new timeline.

Make no mistake…this recent disconnect was the mother-load of all disconnects. If your wheels came off like mine did, its simply because its time for a new set.

The Reconnect

After a disconnect period, there is always a reconnect period…albeit to a higher level/frequency…which is what we are in the process of assimilating to now. Though technically we are still between worlds, the Pleiadians share that as a result of this recent reconnection, those who partake in and are aligned with the divine developments on earth will experience a great shift in mind, body and spirit…a harmonizing shift that will offer us the ability to further stabilize ourselves in the increasing frequencies, to maintain equilibrium in our cells, and to consciously coexist with our brothers and sisters of divine heritage as reconnected galactic humans in 2011.

As always there is an adjustment period (aka, pain) required to bring our lower bodies into alignment with our higher self because we are now vibrating at a much higher rate and our cells still need time to adjust. The month of December will definitely be a time to re-harmonize...an intense period of assimilating to the latest download so we are fully prepared to exercise our gifts and potential in the new timeline. That said, there is also a period of activity surfacing that will enable us to finish up details and actualize year-end goals as well as some new and aligned opportunities that may arise, compliments of the next 6 weeks of powerful galactic, astrological and celestial forces.

"We would like to welcome you to this new level of human existence, we are beyond delighted to greet you here. What you have been accustomed to experiencing prior to this dimensional shift is far from what you will be able to experience now. Look for big changes in your inner and outer world…the macro and the micro." -Pleiadian High Council

The Pleiadians also mention that our merkaba is changing.. the sacred geometric vehicles that house and transport our consciousness are rapidly increasing in spin and morphing into a new geometric construct which will support and enable our participation with ascended living. These changes are also responsible for our recently skewed depth perception and inability to focus from a particular point of reference. (aka, brain scramble) This is nothing to be concerned about, we are simply rising up, bumping against a dimensional ceiling in an attempt to break thru to a higher altitude which can of course cause feelings of confusion, lightheadedness, ungroundedness and dizziness.

Lastly, I am hearing that when the reconnection is complete, many of us will be shedding our old spirit guides/soul-team members who so fervently helped us along the way…more aptly stated, we are becoming these future versions of ourselves that once guided us here, and as a result, we will now be mingling with many more who will be coming forth to work with us in this plane as new human AND spirit guides/mentors and teachers of the higher ways. Groovy.

What Next?

"There is a tide coming that is preparing to wash away all that is not in alignment with the new. This tide is offering each wayshower the full ability to step into unity consciousness and to take part in the planning and preparation period for the next and final stage of the planetary ascension" -Spiritual Hierarchy

From what I am being shown, December is a powerhouse month beginning with a Mercury retrograde period that started today, 12/10, and will be returning direct on the 30th. Shortly after we have the 12/12…the final galactic gateway portal of 2010 which is pushing us to complete all the spiritual lessons that the last 12 months scraped up for us. We also have a VERY powerful solstice on the 21st (when the sun closely aligns with the galactic center), and another famous eclipse sandwich….a full moon and total lunar eclipse on the same day as the solstice and a partial solar eclipse on January 4, 2011. Mixed in with that caffeinated cosmic cocktail are some major celestial & astrological happenings threatening to cauterize our past…whether we feel ready or not.

In general, this month will be another month of completion. In addition to the holidays, there is much to be accomplished in both our inner and outer worlds and December offers us the opportunity to take advantage of these supportive energies for endings if we are paying attention. The eclipse period beginning on 12/21 will offer us a major portal of expansion…what the Spiritual Hierarchy refer to as a "wormhole from the old to the new". "The illuminated energies from this (eclipse) portal will besiege those who choose to release themselves from the old and willfully embrace the new."

Like most months, I am being shown a combination of tiny bursts of forward movement, and longer periods of cellular integration, but this month there is a strong message coming thru for those who choose to exit their past via the eclipse portal…we are enthusiastically being reminded that we will not be able to carry any density with us to the other side, so this month is the final month to release emotional burdens and wrap up outworn affairs.

"As you walk forth into the month of December, you will be embraced by more loving energies, but you will also be called to complete many outworn tasks, behaviors, relationships, and activities that have held you bound. Realize that these next 6 weeks are a gift and will serve you well should you be willing to first let go and then fully open yourself to receiving. We cannot stress this enough... completion is the overriding energy of December with regard to your new beginnings." SH

I know I say this a lot, but our new beginnings will not commence until every last personal detail has been completed and finalized and all wayward elements from the past are wrapped up. In other words, we can't skip any steps…anything that we've forgotten, suppressed or ignored will come at us like a spider monkey this month, so be sure to take a good look around your life and see whats left to deal with because this is a sort of last chance offer to empty our proverbial chalice.

If it feels in any way like you are being pushed too far, its because you are…we will be pushed to a breaking point in those areas of our lives that we are not seeing clearly, areas that need a shift in perspective or deeper understanding in order for us to become unhinged. We are being stretched as far as we can possibly go so as to encourage (?) us to deal with every last lingering detail, to strip away every illusion/delusion we've honored along the way so that we can be as empty and as pure as possible before we fill ourselves up with the new. Even without our participation, we will be all-but-forced to resolve and absolve it all with the celestial powerhouses lining up to clean our clocks, I mean slates.

My advice? Always better to go willingly & consciously.

These final labor pains of 2010 will continue to pulsate and push us forth into the new waves of unity consciousness…waves of creativity and bliss that undulate in increasing frequency in 2011. So know that from now until the eclipse period we are receiving this final call to separate ourselves from all that no longer serves us (limiting thoughts, situations, relationships, residences, careers...illusions/delusions...health issues, etc)..cuz come the eclipse sandwich, we will be sucked up and spit out by cosmic forces way beyond our control…vibrationally sifted and sorted...and landing in our new reality with the task of figuring out how the heck everything works in this as-yet-unknown-territory.

"The next two months in earth-time will be centered around love. The love quotient in each and every one of you has risen significantly and now that you are moving into the unity timeline, a dimension of oneness, you will be vibrationally eligible to receive all the blessings of love's grace." -SH

Physical Happenings

We have been rapidly and intensively changing on a cellular level, preparing our new human templates...which are meticulously designed to operate on the new timeline…for a very long time. These upgraded biology suits will hold more light and participate seamlessly with ascended living. This is very exciting, however it unfortunately also means some physical discomfort.

The list of symptoms is long and varies as usual, but the most intense symptoms this time around (especially last month) seemed to manifest in the head/neck area.

As mentioned earlier, the pituitary/pineal activations created lots of dizziness/vertigo/loss of balance/vision problems/burning, itchy & watery eyes/spaciness and/or sinus headaches & migraines, stuffed/runny nose, post nasal drip, inability to focus, migraines, sinus headaches, fatigue, sleep changes (insomnia/deep sleeps…up at night, down during the day), night sweats, wild and vivid dreams, etc.

There were also those who experienced flu-like symptoms with lots of muscle aches, neck stiffness/pain, sore throat, mouth/teeth pain, clogged ears and tons of back pain (fluctuating between lower/upper/middle…sometimes all three).

We also experienced a major solar plexus (power) activation in the beginning of December which may have created temporary waves of stomach pains & digestion issues as well as the usual heart opening and grounding symptoms: heartburn/indigestion, soreness behind the heart, nausea, palpitations and rapid heart beat...lower back/leg aches, sharp shooting pains in rectum/tailbone area, sore ankles, legs and feet, intestinal clearings (candida/skin rashes/inflammations) etc.

We are going thru major and magnificent biological changes needed for our new life experiences so its very important to listen to what our body's are telling us….even if it is diametrically opposed to all we have been taught. Protein cravings are very common during major integrations, as well as periods of no appetite…or you may even need a random carb fix at 3am during one of those insomnia streaks.

When in doubt, nurture yourself like a pregnant woman… give your body what it wants/needs when you can and don't hold back…even & especially if that means 15 hours of sleep and a steak for breakfast.

Reporting to you for the last time this year…see you on the other side of that sandwich!

Wishing you and yours a sacred holiday season, and enough energy to survive it ; ))


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