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Jan 8 2010 - 2010: The Year of Truth in Action

2010: The Year of Truth in Action
Happy New Year my dear friends and readers!!!
Did you make any resolutions?
I did... for the first time ever...
My resolution was to never, ever think about or remember 2009, ever, ever again.  Ever.
And tho most of us made it out alive...I am still not completely convinced that this was the right choice.
Eight days in, and yes it still feels a lot like 2009...blagghhhh...but despite my apathy, and after waiting, feeling (& crawling) my way thru the first week of the new month, new year and new decade... I decided that I would open up with the message I awoke to on January 1st from the Pleiadians:
First things first.  We would like to offer you a congratulations on your entrance into the new calendar year, the year of 2010!  A most auspicious year awaits those of eager participation in the plan of oneness.

We come forth to bring tidings of future endeavors and to assist each of you on the first leg of your journey into the new vibrations.

As the forerunners of a new evolved and conscious society, you will be those who step forth into the light to reflect the dormant potential of all.  This role is not one to be taken lightly, for each of you who activate to full truth have earned your right to be among the leaders of a new society.

In this we will add that the time for great accomplishments on the physical plane is afoot.  There is coming a wave of advanced technology that will astound the average citizen of earth and it will finally begin a time of great concern for the welfare of all.

As new technologies offer the planet and her people the type of living standards that are adequate for a united people, the growth of human culture will far exceed any limitations currently placed upon it.

It is the entrance of a new era of science, technology and spirituality based in human-being-ness, action, and the extension of love-filled intentions for a greater good.

As we walk this once narrow path with each of you, we see that there have been those who have offered humanity the ability to rise above strife for eons, yet, those who have actually done so...that is to say, those who have been able to actualize their human potential... have been few.

We would like to comment that there are many now, during this auspicious time, who are well able and prepared to step into human and spiritual mastery, and those who do will be responsible for the stewardship of the planet and redirection of focus to functioning as a whole.

As each of the new leaders activate into divine representation, the people of earth will begin to take action toward the common good.

This is what 2010 portends.
Where are we now?
Here are the words I am being given in response to that question:  Rest, Recuperation, Revitalization & ReDivination...in that order.  Actually, spirit is teasing me with a bunch of key words to play with for the year, but let me first break this down according to what I am being shown.
Rest- v. allow to be inactive in order to regain strength, health and/or energy.
Now and until the middle of January when the first new moon/solar eclipse of the year filters in the energies for 2010, we will most likely remain flattened out and still, or at the very least, swirling on that familiar merry-go-round of bliss and blocks.
This merry-go-round is mostly perverse because we can have those moments (ok, minutes) where we feel released from the goo, lighter, and finally able to tend to our own lives (remember what those are?)...and then..."ring, ring"...Mother/Father God is calling...and he/she wants your life force back.   Yes, we are so over this.  In fact, I don't even answer those calls anymore, and if I do, its only to say: suck it.
This period of integration, and GROUNDING into earth (holy lower back pain), like all others, hurts a little...well, a lot...but mostly because so many of us are completely battered and bruised from a decade of swimming upstream and having rocks thrown at us that literally ANY more of this feels like it could kill us.  But despite the feeling of walking uphill with broken legs, these very powerful energies of cellular rejuvenation are taking place at the core level of our being so we can fully utilize the potent frequencies of 2010 to put our hard-earned truth in action.
I also noticed that the unseens seem to be VERY alert to the overall weariness of lightworkers and some starseeds as of late. They have been super reassuring that we are literally steps away from the release of these heavy energies that we just can't carry alone any more. Luckily, now that the next wave of souls is ready and in position to help us more fully anchor the new earth, we no longer need to tie it down ourselves. (the phrase: "many hands make light work", aptly applies here) It's not that we are being released from 5D duty, per say,  its that we will now be sharing it with so many more humans that it will greatly lighten our obnoxious burden.  That plus this year will signal the completion of the purification phase for many.
Recuperation- n. the recovery from illness or (over)exertion
Next up... recuperation.  Following the new moon/solar eclipse period, looks like many of us will be headed to the cleaners.  Time for some etheric dermabrasion, with a side of "nip and tuck" for all you beat up, aged and bloated folk out there ....aka, the battle-scarred galactica brigade known as the "spiritual warriors" who are in DESPERATE need of a makeover.  And I mean desperate.  (Note: If you've had the courage to look in the mirror, you are not one of these)
"When you arrive fully in 5th dimensional frequencies, that is to say...when you have fully reconnected to your soulular-self from the intensive cycles of physical, mental and emotional purification...your physical body undergoes a radical transformation to enable the full embodiment of higher energies.  What was known to many of you as illness or dis-ease can no longer exist in the 5D human form due to the rapid vibration of ascended reality matrices.  Those with long-standing impairments or dis-ease due to the accumulation of energetic and/or emotional toxins will be released from lower dimensional suffering as the body "clicks" or settles into its rightful position.
This process is known to some as "miracle healing", when in fact, it is vibrational.  Many will be experiencing full vitality in their human form and much of this will be discussed in the days to come." -Pleiadians
Revitalization- n. imbue with new life and vitality
So after we undergo the "radical transformation" of recuperation from purification... in comes revitalization.  (sorry, sounds like a bad INXS song)
In other words, after our bodies fully adjust to the new consciousness we are navigating, and our physical purification is complete (I imagine the exact timing for this will be different for everyone), we will be fully revitalized.
Sounds nice doesn't it?   V I T A L I T Y ...I would drink it like a Red Bull if I could.
Seriously here, our bodies are really starving for it...we are in such need of energy all the time that its difficult to imagine or remember a time when we felt vivacious. (and when I say vivacious I mean with enuf energy to bathe)  Sometimes, I contemplate what I would do if I was being chased by a bear....yes, these are real thoughts while living isolated on a small mountain....and I am pretty sure I would resign to sitting down.
I was told by a starbeing once that ascension uses up to 70% of our vital life force at times...explains all that couch surfing for a decade...but here, at the end of the journey, it feels more like 94% because we just have absolutely nothing left to give.
Well, we can now start imagining what a life with energy will feel like again, because from what I can see, in 2010 we will be busy as hell and unless spirit lights a major fire under our arses, we will be experiencing a major blast of stamina.
ReDivination- v. to become divine again (Latin: to be or become inspired)
Ye are all Gods.  "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."- Psalms 82:6
2010 is the year by which many will fully become who they came here to be...the year of authenticity (lettin' it all hang out) and applying Truth in Action.  Once we have attained the level of christed consciousness and grounded our divine blueprint in form, we naturally become Truth in Action... the act of applying our authenticity...in all ways... into the world of form.
This year is about becoming fully realized, self-empowered, and self-sustainable due to the unobstructed connection to Source through our activated DNA and enlivened crystalline cells.
From a quantum perspective this is the merging of polarity (male/female poles) where we exist and operate from zero-point awareness (sacred union), or scalar wave frequencies, and deeply realize that our soul purpose is to BE, where our life purpose is to DO.  Consequently, this is the year by which we will fully allow the soul to guide our actions in all ways so everything we DO is filled with divinity.
It is this Truth in Action that the forerunners and awakened ones will bring into the world at large this year to begin the physical restructuring of the new earth and to reveal the truth of abundance...that there is more than enough to provide the basic needs of all.
Conscious Co-creation

Those who have awakened to their soul purpose...neutralized, purified & free of 3d dimensional dross...and begin to walk the path of Truth in Action, the inspiration and/or resources/connections needed to manifest your life's purpose will now begin to appear.  This is the year of sacred fulfillment... the physical co-creation of abundance on the planet and the ability to receive full remuneration for your life's work and the completion of 3D purification.
This co-creation process will be the beginning phase of learning to apply our power in form...think Hogwarts!...and will be the result of our connection with and to our soul brothers and sisters of Truth.  These sacred connections will come about thru greatly increased telepathic development with higher dimensional sources of light, and will result in conscious communities around the world...both in the physical and thru the internet.
"As the doors of heaven open to shower upon the souls of the weary and the downtrodden, you will feel the purity of open heart-based connections to your family of light, your brothers and sisters of like mind and intention." -Spiritual Hierarchy
This is the time of being fully supported by the new energies and our connection to them, as well as the release of our hard core vigilance in activating and grounding this incredible new grid of consciousness. (Well done, friends! well done.)
We have finally come full circle, completed a long and arduous cycle and now everyone is ready to start over again.  The stage is set, and we are all in place waiting for the curtain to lift to reveal the next act in our evolutionary play, and to assist the incoming wave of souls who will begin to find themselves in the downward spiral of awakening that we are all so very familiar with.
For those with the desire to assist mankind, it will be for you to lift the sights of the suffering to your living example of Truth. -Spiritual Hierarchy
What an exciting year awaits us all!
Wishing each of you the courage and passion to live your full Truth in Action...
Shine on!
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