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Oct 19 2010 - On Your Mark ... Get Set .....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Your Mark...Get Set.....

I know you were hoping I was going to say...GO!...but before you throw those tomatoes, hear me out...

Yes, we are still in the "Get Set" phase, but this is not necessarily an icky phase...contrarily, this is a very active period of preparation and it can be quite exhilarating if you know how to interpret the energies coursing thru your veins.

Most likely you are experiencing one of two things since October began...you are either panting from the pace and stress of all the things you need to or needed to get done at once due to the increasing frequencies we are channeling... or you're flat on your back.  Or maybe you are feeling a combination of both: flat on your back while ALSO feeling the stress of so-much-to-do-so-little-time, but with an inability to get your body to align with your needs/intentions. 

This latter scenario is my favorite...and while its tempting in those situations to think that mutha/fatha God/des is playing a cruel joke on us, it's actually a solid indication that we are THAT close to the other side where our bodies will actually support all those things we need to DO.  Prior to this period, we felt the pain of transmutation in our cells, yes, but without the urgency to get our arses moving…but all that has changed now.  With time collapsing in on itself, it suddenly feels like every 2 weeks it's Christmas again.  And we just. can't. get. caught. up.

"For those who are just beginning their inward journey, life will begin to radically speed up as it did for each of you along the ascent in consciousness.  For those who are at the end of the preparation cycle, you will begin to notice that time suddenly slows down, rather, ceases to exist. It is not as if either is actually happening, its that your perspectives will shift according to your rate of vibration and the dimensions you participate with. Those entering into higher dimensional frequencies will begin to find that time is malleable…that eternity is a perspective, and one that can reached while in human form." -Pleiadian High Council

So, before the merge, the human body was designed to understand time/space relation due to the separation in the brain which created complex comparisons, and the ability to see the present only in relation to the past or future.  Now, many of us are stepping into a space of neutrality...of pure presence...that of relating to time and space through the perception of every now moment.

This pure, unfiltered focus is what is bringing us into alignment with the rapid manifestation that is already becoming a part of our new reality system. In fact, the compression of time is not really time at all, but an increase in the rate of attraction, of manifestation, and by which we are now an active part of.

(I'll talk more about the comedy of this compression in future articles…right now, I just. don't. have. enuf. time.)

Revving Up

Did anyone notice that between September and October our cosmic receptacles were upgraded from 120 to 240 volts? This new energy that we are participating with is quite a different level of frequency…can you feel the jump in vibration? Its so intense it can feel dangerous...like playing with fire...or worse, like Drew Barrymore in Stephen King's "Fire Starter".

My mom always used to say..."be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"...if she only knew.

The PHC says that "the current rate of vibration on the planet has increased to magnitudes never before experienced in human form.  This level of energy is pushing to the surface each and every weakness that exists both within the individual and collective experience.  To know that you are becoming more light embodied is to realize that you are releasing the most dense parts of yourselves and this density is being broken, rather shattered, by the intense waves of light that are streaming through your planet now. The amount of light that you are physically able to hold is directly proportional to the ease by which this process unfolds for you. 

There will be many more reaching the vibrational state of center-point in the coming weeks. Those who are not yet at the light quotient required to achieve homeostasis will continue to purge, release and rebalance their energy bodies to align with the physical body.  This transmutation process is what is occupying most of the masses now..."

I can hardly believe the amount and power of energy running through our bodies and into the earth right now…so much so that I can hardly sit still or even focus on the words I am writing.  I imagine this is what it would feel like for someone with ADD to take amphetamines.   If your feeling racy, anxious, or like you OD'd on ginseng, know that this will eventually balance out into more constructive energy if it has not already.

We are approaching the Galactic 7th day on November 3d and can already feel the increased energy that can be perceived as the speeding up of time.  This can really play with your mind, so if you get caught up in what I call a "time-loop", your best bet is to ground yourself and align with the cosmic pulse by surrendering into it.  If you do, time will not slow down, per say, but you will feel less like you are running to catch up with it.

Also, the Pleidians say we experienced a major solar flare this past weekend, tho I have not looked into it yet, but aside from whatever-that-magnetic-ass-whooping was, we have some serious tasks to tend to and this current is giving us the (maniacal) energy required to get us packed up and ready to set sail to new shores...and then unpack again.  And from what I hear, this forward moving momentum will not be slowing down any time soon....once we ground out and balance ourselves, this will be the new normal.

Right now tho, we are still scurrying to finish details and tie up loose ends, and this includes any and all unresolved issues from what will soon be our "past" life....in a very literal sense.   No stone will be left unturned as we hit the high seas, so anything that you thought you could avoid is either in your face now, or will be by the time Christmas arrives….which, luckily is now always just two weeks away ;  ))

For the most part, we have already pulled many situations together, brought many resolutions into place and have made important decisions to move forward in our new directions.  With Venus (finances/relationships) in retrograde until mid-November, we will be especially urged to keep our nose to the grindstone to resolve whatever is necessary (mentally, emotionally or physically) before moving to the next level.

In my own life, this process is manifesting as (among other things) more financial surprises from the past in need of resolve before I can finalize my constantly-postponed bankruptcy process. This is annoying, yes, but right now we have a ton of cosmic support to deal with those things that we just didn't have the ability to do before.  So crack the whip if necessary, because if you get down to dirty business the next 3 weeks, you will find yourself flying into the Galactic 7th day unencumbered and free.

The trickiest part in being trapped between worlds is allotting the required energy to resolve the past, while also allocating the necessary vitality to keep all those new projects that you have been nursing, afloat and in balance.  Those things/people/situations/partnerships/projects/relocations/etc. that are waiting to blast off or finalize keep getting pushed back, postponed, and delayed while many more pieces of our past keep creeping up and jumping in front as a priority. 

These things that keep vying for our attention and seemingly blocking us from getting on with our new (and definitely more exciting) lives, will continue to pop up until there is literally nothing left to address.  In the meantime, all we can do is  breathe thru it and let go enuf to allow the universal forces to support us.

The Bigger Picture

On the world stage…some signs of change and rebirth are beginning to blossom! 

"This past week, we witnessed the dramatic rescue of 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped half a mile underground since August 5, the peak date of the cardinal T-square. Several astrologers have commented on the undeniable connection between the collapse of the mine and the cardinal T-square, and the symbolism of death and rebirth – literally coming up out of the earth – when Ceres returned to a conjunction with Pluto.  The ordeal of the Chilean miners was a very literal interpretation of the T-square – going down into the underworld and returning to a new life. Many of us are experiencing a similar pattern on a more subtle, energetic level, but it is every bit as powerful. I’m seeing more and more deep changes, with individuals emerging in a “new, improved” state that will allow them to live more richly and fully and to be who they were meant to be."

That excerpt was written by Pat Paquette from realastrologers.com and so far my favorite astological analogy of this rebirth process we have all been undergoing since June.  And while I was glued to CNN during the rescue effort and mourning/celebrating with the rest of the world, I have to admit that I did not make the deep-connection at first.  It wasn't until I received an email from a reader who had these insightful things to say (shared with permission):

"Last night i've been up all night watching the rescue of the 33 mineworkers in Chile….

At 5:11 my time, but 00:11 Chile time, the first mineworker emerged from the depths back to the surface, after 69 days being inside the dark warm womb of mother earth.......their life will be changed forever through this experience.....(like our lives are forever changed as well after the long dark night)

The capsule that brings them up through a very narrow tube truly carries the energy of the birth canal........the capsules name is Fenix/Phoenix......as in arising from the ashes/rebirth….The whole world is watching and the energies of unity and (family)reunion oozing off this event bring tears to my eyes…..the realizations i got from this event are so amazing that i just had to share with someone…

It is no coincidence that the number of miners is 33....(10-10-10 = 3, 11-11-11 = 33 and 12-12-12/21-12-12 = 333)....as we all know 3 is a very important number in ascension…..the fenix emerges them from the womb/ashes…….these 33 miners, at their soul levels, are providing the world, and those of us who are ready, with the energies of christed unity, reunion....and rebirth.....(after ascending into the light)

This whole event is rippling/breathing out the energies of (re)birth, emergence, love, unity and (re)union.......how very beautiful!  those mineworkers emergence is our emergence.......their rebirth is our rebirth……I am so very thankful that these other aspects of ourselves are providing us with these energies......what a deeply loving service!

For many of us the Process is over...and new life is imminent.......

I could not have said that any better.

And in my neck of the woods...On October 13th...there was news talk of a UFO sighting over Manhattan that really knocked some peoples socks off.  (Any Chelsea folk out there who witnessed this?) First of its kind...that I know of…over NYC, and apparently the "show" lasted for over 2 hours???  You'd think that I'd be privy to these kind of events but I must of missed the memo on this one. Go figure.

The (more) interesting thing about this is the fact that FOX news reported that a newly-published book by a retired NORAD (air force) officer (Stanley A. Fulham) predicted October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities…and that the event would be the first in a series of events.  (Key-word here…hover.  Apparently, some  NY'ers are saying these were "hot air balloons"  that apparently appeared and disappeared and maintained a steady position for hours.... hmmmm)

And of course, there was no official comment from government authorities or the FFA. "Luuuucy…. you have some 'splaining to do..."

This sighting in NYC on 10/13 was not an isolated one either…apparently there were reports from China, then Manhattan followed, and now reports from El Paso, Texas say that the sighting was eerily similar to NY's.  fun stuff

With the 7th day of the galactic cycle upon us, we should expect more and more of these events since this is a time when a huge polarity shift in consciousness will support humanity in the co-creation of a more harmonious relationship between the masculine and feminine forces.  As I see it, these increased sightings have the ability to externalize and fortify our connection with the galaxy as a whole….hence galactic consciousness.

What's Next?

Our power, strength, stability and durability is seriously amping up…

The PHC say that we are, in fact, being switched-on to once again participate in the world of form and as we completely reconnect with the material planes it will be especially important to remember the power of our thoughts because we are now re-engaging at a very different level of operation.

Since manifestation is speeding up exponentially, the external world is quickly becoming an acute and accurate reflection of what truly lies within each of us. 

This means that the work we did to shift our external realities to a higher expression of self will now be happening on a global scale.  We are moving forward and nothing can stop the flow of momentum that together, we all built toward change.  We are feeling that the time for action is finally here and we have a strong current of support that is pushing us forward... whether we want to go or not.

Physical Happenings

Our bodies are going thru some dramatic changes and the physical symptoms can still be intense, in parts, but you may also be noticing that the integration periods are becoming shorter and shorter (save for 10/10/10 blast...holy hell!)…to the point that you may recover (on a cellular level) in one day from a major blast of energy that only 6 months ago may have put you down for weeks.  This is one of the positive side effects to the compression of (linear) time!

Some of the usual discomforts:

Grounding symptoms: soreness in spine, labor-like pains, abdominal/menstrual cramps, lower-intestinal distress, lower-back aching and shooting pains, leg aches & restlessness/weakness, sore/burning feet, etc.

Heart-opening symptoms: middle back pain/soreness (behind the heart), chest pain, heart palpitations/flutters/missed-beats, INDIGESTION, nausea (in severe cases vomiting), respiratory ails (coughing), breast swelling/soreness, etc.

Pituitary/Pineal symptoms: ear, teeth, & sinus pain/soreness, ocular migraines, headaches, skull pressure, DIZZINESS/VERTIGO, tinnitus (ringing/high pitched noise), blurred vision, burning/watery/itchy eyes, sneezing, sensitivity to SMELL…

(speaking of sensitivity to smell…is anyone else concerned that divine transfiguration actually means changing from one form into a werewolf?  Am I the only person who can smell things that the average human can't, but more importantly…shouldn't???  I don't know yet how this new human superpower will be useful in 5D but in 3D, it's a serious set-back….especially since 98% of the industrial world is still deeply toxic)

… changes in body temperature (chills/sweating) and night sweats, sleep disturbances (insomnia/deep sleeps followed by fatigue), intensely vivid dreams.

Organ detox symptoms:  kidney/liver soreness/flutters, hives, rashes, skin redness, yeast/candida outbreaks/die-off, heavy perspiration, etc.

Often with a rapid increase in energy comes the vague sensation of anxiety and passing feelings of fear and panic.  This is just the body's reaction to so much energy running thru it and will usually subside a few hours to a day after each electrocution : ))

See you in the seventh day!

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