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Oct 5 2010 - Morphogenetic Resonance: from causal to conscious creation

Morphogenetic Resonance: from causal to conscious creation

The human mind as we know it has been undergoing a comprehensive shift through rewiring to a new telepathic light grid...what the starbeings refer to as the "information center for 5D processing".  This information center houses all the non-polarized energies that we are participating with as we move into higher levels of existence and consequently, higher levels of understanding.

Because many more of us are now participating in/with this newly activated communication grid, we are rapidly becoming more conscious of the intricate process that has been taking place, and more capable to understand the inter-working, or data exchange between our new and old servers.

The Science

The rewiring that the unseens have been referring to over the last several years is a complexly layered alchemical, biochemical, electromagnetic and enzymatic process that is responsible for physically restructuring the core impulses of our central nervous system... our conduit to the mainframe of the collective mind.

The human mind is a collective database of thought that, prior to now, used to operate primarily from separation consciousness.  The adaptation from separation to unity thinking has been made possible by the shifting planetary magnetics which precipitated the alchemy of global transmutation in accordance with the physical and chemical restructuring of matter within the human brain. For some, this reformatting has been uber-intensively in play since the 8/8 gateway portal and has since been undergoing an unprecedented pituitary (masculine charge)/pineal (feminine charge) merge…or as the Pleiadian High Council says, the sacred marriage of the galactic-human.

As a result of this physical restructuring, our next steps on this divine-human journey involves blending the energy of our long-held intentions with physical matter…of bringing our internal world to our external reality... of merging the divine masculine energy of matter, structure and physical form with the divine feminine energy of inspired cosmic creativity… that same flow of pure creative energy that we have worked tirelessly to anchor into the life, blood and body of this planet for the last several years. 

I am hearing that these next six weeks will be actively potent as we undergo the changes needed to make the transition into the material phase of conscious co-creation through divine transfiguration...the process of dying to the past so as to be reborn into a higher expression of consciousness.

Software Upgrade

Co-creation begins and ends with the mind…but from a very different level of processing than we have been accustomed to.

In this 5D framework by which we are now physically wired to operate from & with, we are and will be undergoing a series of diagnostic tests over the next six weeks to ensure that our system hardware functions optimally in preparation for participation with the next dimensional plane of human experience. Those proceeding into the oneness of co-creation have been imported with, and activated by, a new set of commands so as to readjust our level of processing, focus and perceptual awareness to connect with the unity principals of the divine mind.

These diagnostic tests will ensure that we have purged all parts of ourselves that block or impair our ability to become empowered co-creators.

This upgrade to our human-galactic software is a radical opportunity for each of us to discover the state of divine-galactic consciousness that resides within us as part of our genetic lineage and star heritage.  For those who feel called to explore these realms of infinite intelligence, we are being invited and wholly permitted to enter through the reconnection of our telepathic potential in what the Pleiadian High Council refers to as "morphogenetic resonance". (more on that below)

Keep in mind that this higher-level exploration of inter-dimensional worlds is not an either/or scenario but more an understanding that every human participates within the collective mind at different and varying levels of integration and that the vibrational breakthru required to access and work within these quantum scalar fields is, in fact, the cosmic entrance to activate the new-human operating system. 

Know that those who are not yet ready to move forward will simply…and temporarily... be void of the desire to activate (work with) the newly embedded mathematical codes and algorithms that are a requirement for the divine human template to function…and those ready to work with the magnetic scalar potential of conscious co-creation will feel as tho this next step is indeed a very natural one.

"...those who readily and enthusiastically step into the unknown, we say to you…yes, great things await you, but there is much to learn!  This transition is not an idle one, it is an ongoing and very active period of adjustment and learning, planning and preparation, completing and beginning." -PHC


The PHC mentions that the merging-into-unity process is creating many new and higher-level system functions that will take some practice to utilize with efficiency…mostly, that of fully participating with the intuitive faculties of the new-human template. (in actuality, we are perfecting  these higher level functions that we have been working with since the beginning of 2010)

Morphogenetic-resonance is a term they use to describe the telepathic interconnections within the morphogenetic fields (the fluid fields of intelligence that create form) that the new human template is attuned to and creates with. In these fluid (quantum) fields, potential is in its most pure form and responds rapidly to vibrational resonance without the limitations or restrictions of time or space.  This means that like-energies in vibrational alignment with each other will create a powerful petri dish of potential for the purpose of expression in physical form. 

These quantum fields of potential are pulsating with new possibilities and solutions to our 3d dimensional dilemmas, and will gift us with the many tools we will need to create a very new earth, within a very new reality. 

The Demarcation Point

The manifestations that are playing hide and seek with us and begging to burst into physical form are a result of the divinely inspired intentions that collectively began in the year 1999 when, according to the Mayan Calendar, the 8th of 9 levels of evolutionary consciousness (the Galactic cycle) took place.   These intentions have gathered and layered the balance and blend of creational energies over the last decade that were required to put forth our new desires, inspirations and in most cases, the actualization of our divine purpose…that which is nothing more or less than to authentically express who we came to this planet to be.

After we emerge on other side of the 6 weeks of diagnostic testing, (read: reflections of our past and old emotional wounds presented to test our ability to remain neutral)....many will begin looking back on this present incarnation as one from a former time and place, a fading memory that is being replaced and infused with new intelligence, concepts, perspectives and new awareness of our higher dimensional capabilities. This growing distance that we are already feeling between our expired life and the new life that is now finding its physical form is a result of crossing the demarcation point mentioned in the last energy update…the mental disconnection from the karmic grid of causal creation, and reconnection to the unity grid of resonance creation that the last two months of Mercury-driven mental reorientation have offered us.

This reconnection resulted in our ability to further unleash ourselves from the grid of polarized thought forms…encompassing the majority of the collective thoughts of others... and for the purpose of reestablishing finite boundaries within our infinite form. 

Brain to Heart Intelligence

With solid energetic boundaries firmly in place, the switch from thinking solely with our brain to thinking more with our hearts will become clearly evident.  Through the thorough merging and transfiguration into our divine-human form, we are mostly at the phase of allowing ourselves and our lives to be fully directed and orchestrated by our higher intelligence...that which is communicated to us thru our enhanced feeling center and with the accompanying intelligence of our entire physical body.

Yes, the body thinks!  It is a holistic organism of extensive communication intelligence and by which enables us, at full function, to co-create with the bio-resonance of our fully-integrated spiritual-human biology. (aka, the divine/galactic-human with a 5D operating system)

This new way of thinking with full feeling-based body intelligence is not emotionally driven, as some might think…it is sensation based. It is simply honoring the body's brilliance, thru sensation, and in cooperation with brain-based analysis. It is acknowledging both hemispheres of the brain working in total harmony and seeing our entire biological system as an intelligent participant in collaborative co-creation with Source energy. 

Whole-body resonance is the only way to move through the morphogenetic fields and create in the material world based on the total harmonic vibration of all system functions working collaboratively toward the function of the whole.   In other words, resonance creation is a result of total vibrational alignment... meaning, sans discrepancy between what we think and what we feel.

This higher level of human creation, derived from morphogenetic resonance, begins with vibrational alignment and results in attraction through the telepathic interconnections between all living organisms.  This total harmonic cooperation through frequency is what is responsible for our increasing rate of manifestation as we begin to operate at full power. 

Over and Out

The thinking intelligence of every cell of our body has been meticulously aligning with the vibration of our galactic-minded intentions since 1999 and is now physically manifesting within the world of matter.  This means that many are coming into complete bio-resonant alignment (mentally, emotionally & physically) to put our full power and focus...without blocks or distractions...on creating the external expression of our absolute and authentic selves.

"These are exciting times and the result of all that you have diligently worked for. We leave you the reminder that this will be a very active period with much to resolve, learn and discover as each of you consciously close the gap between your past and future while bridging your new experiences within the playground of resonance creation."- PHC

Until next time,


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