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Sep 20 2010 - Ass Over Teacup

So this article was supposed to be the second part to "Stepping into the Flow" that I posted earlier this week...but I should have known better. There is no such thing as a "linear" order to events any more, and though I naively thought that I could force my will against divine will, the universe took a completely different turn just to show me who's boss.

This energetic turn, while short and intense, was so unexpected and out of the blue, that I literally ended up back in fetal position wondering how to feed myself, let alone how to piece together the rest of that expired energy update.

If you felt like this past week coming off of Mercury retrograde has been unusually challenging... to the point that you thought you were back at the beginning of this heinous journey…you were not alone.  I was officially ass. over. teacup.  Completely unplugged.

Just as we were beginning to S L O W L Y make forward moving strides toward our new lives, we were collectively capsized by a white squall of sudden self-doubt while plunging even deeper into the seas of uncertainty. Some huge waves of incapability came crashing on our shores that may have caused you to question really BIG things on even deeper levels…questions like: Is this thing REALLY gonna happen?... or maybe even questions about your long-held creations, like: do I REALLY want to be doing this?...OR...Is this REALLY what I want? ...or Can I REALLY do this?

Not only have we just been capsized by these sobering questions and purgings of doubt, but we are hanging on to the bottom of a boat that is rapidly taking us over the edge of a canyon wall that we can't. yet. see.  Sweet Jesus.

Naturally, these periods of clearing & integration can create a serious dip in confidence.   It's like, the further we ground into our lives and bodies, the more sober we become and the less plausible this all seems. (yikes) But these feelings only exist while we are knee-deep in clearing…once we make it thru to the other side of an integration period and can exhale, we get it…but in the meantime its like waking up from a long dream and wondering how we got here…but more importantly, how and when we will get the hell OUT of here.

These frustrations of being held back have been r e a l l y intensifying this past week...boiling within us like a geyser ready to burst through the earth and launch us into the stratosphere thru the release of over a decade of mounting pressure. These building emotions (anxiety/omg-the-STRESS/rage/disappointment/discontentment/etc) that have been coming to a head are definitely aiding us in moving forward, and thank heavens for that because we literally can't see a foot in front of our faces!

From where we stand…and from the compression of time collapsing in on itself...there is no such thing as predicting the future anymore, so we are all riding the wild waves of the present moment with such focus (and with a "please-god-let-me-survive-this" death grip) that the energies shift too quickly now to pretend we know anything.

And we really don't know anything…we have NO IDEA what's actually in store for us (which is part of the excitement!) other than a barely perceptible feeling of "we are so close"...

But to what?

And that's what this week has been all about:

1) releasing more preconceived notions of what will be, so we can create what is with total freedom…

2) purging the deeply embedded fears that block us from our power (which accounts for those odd solar plexus/abdomen rumblings & pains), and...

3) witnessing the building momentum (frustration/stress) within that is bringing us to a sort of "live free or die" mentality…

...and all of this in preparation for stepping out and becoming visible to the world again.

This week was designed to shake up our foundations for the purposes of loosening any lingering feelings of incapability (do I really have what it takes?) so we can move forward into the unknown with confidence as we step onto a bigger life platform without knowing any of "the how's".

The Pleiadian High Council mentions that the greater purpose of this week was to "step further into our divine template as we begin to honor the physical transition from human to divine human." In fact, they say that this whole week has been an extreme balancing act between these two realities (separation/reconnection), and one that we are now learning to master the art of.


Because change is  S L O W L Y  beginning to show up in our external lives, so much needs to be accomplished to restructure and align our outside world to match our new internal processing. This made the recent disconnect even more daunting as we were thrown back into our old separated selves again…unplugged from our power source while in the middle of some BIG life changes (and we are still at the tail end of some intense cellular transmutation).

For many, this new platform means... or will mean...moving to a new geographic location (& if u are not moving, you may have just noticed that EVERY ROOM in your house is now the wrong color or that you suddenly hate your refrigerator), ending or beginning major relationships/careers/businesses, starting new projects/partnerships and finding a new or revised physical outlet for the expanded expression of the YOUniversal you. With regard to these changes, the PHC says…"stabilize & brace yourself for change." Luckily, we're wise enuf now to know what this really means: "settle into a box of donuts and marathon run of Jersey Shore on TiVo." Yeah, I said that.

These disconnection periods, while shorter now than ever before, feel so extreme because we are so close to being fully immersed in the oneness, that the stark comparison of separation is becoming, vibrationally speaking, too much to bear.

But as I mentioned in the last two updates, we are still ebbing and flowing, finding our feet and stabilizing in the new which means that one day we are completely amped up and running insane amounts of energy…(you know those days. you suddenly feel like a superhero with amnesia, thinking you can do ANYthing while forgetting the last 10 years of consciousness climbing as you run in circles, or into walls, because you are completely unable to ground, focus or sleep) …and the next we are down for the count, sleeping (integrating) for hours on end like we just came off of wicked coke bender.

These fluctuations are not only physically taxing, they also create disparate emotional extremes between…"ANYTHING & NOthing is possible." Holy mania batman.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... we finally made it through the dimensional doorway of the grand crosses of the summer months (winter for the southern hemisphere)…the proverbial eye of the needle…and this month we are settling into our new grooves, securing our foundations, and beginning to physically restructure our external lives as we step into the universal flow of perfect timing. We may still pop back through the door now and again (like we did all this week) to revisit the old (or just to give ourselves a swell swoop in the arse), but the visits will be shorter and shorter until not at all.

New Wave of Light

The PHC also wants us to know that despite how awful we can feel at any given moment, that they are, in fact, "regulating the amount of light that each of us willfully inhabits" (sheesh...can u imagine what it would be like if they weren't???) and that there is coming a new wave of energy that will take us beyond the confines of time and space. (I think they may be referring to the equinox (9/22 (EDT) or the 10:10…or both...but as usual, I am only given enough information to get us through the here and now.  Besides, what does it really matter at this point…they all hurt.)

Speaking of pain, I am also hearing that altho we will be moving forward with less resistance beginning this week, I am getting a heads up that we may also be momentarily returning to that horrid state of separation again (presumably during one or both of these next two downloads?)...feeling the distance between our higher & lower self...but that this is only a temporary disconnect that will apparently complete the rewiring of our pituitary/pineal gland. (hence all the headaches, sneezing, vertigo, ear pain, body temp irregularities (chills/sweating), deep sleeps/insomnia, burning/watery eyes, and sinus ick)

(Also worth mentioning…during this very sensitive time of pituitary/pineal activation (known to the outside world as "allergy season"), it is important to steer clear of any/all environmental toxins, noxious fumes (like diesel exhaust for example), fragrances with chemicals…especially petroleum based... anything that is not a natural, that you are sensitive to, or could cause interference in the opening of your third eye)

The PHC say that the pituitary and pineal are finally signing prenups and preparing to merge in sacred union…aka the sacred marriage of the male and female energies within us & the recipe/ingredients for transfiguration)  Apparently, from this merging forward "all will be regarded as "new territory" and the old world will seem to separated by a demarcation point. This demarcation point represents the completion of the merging process and from this point onward, our conscious memory will seem split before and after ascension."

(So curiously people...is this like BC/AD? I am pretty intrigued by that notion, and can't help but draw the correlation.  BA/AA??? Would love your feedback on that idea...)

They say that the reason this is being brought to our awareness is to assist us (especially the more irreverent of us) to realize that this is a ginormous shift taking place and that the experiences we tout as nonessential, are indeed of great importance...and that the longer we have consciously been on this path and worked with these energies, the more profound the external proof of our internal shift will be.

Well, I don't think any of us going thru this process can doubt the depth of the transformation...regardless of what think or be-lie-ve, our bodies don't lie.

And that, I suppose, is the comedy in collective perspective : ))

Happy Equinox!




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